New Reading Kit 14/15- Puma Reading FC Home Away Shirts 2014-15

These are the new Reading kits 2014/2015, Reading FC’s new home and away jerseys for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Puma, the Royals unveiled their new 14-15 uniforms on 7th July, 2014.

The home shirt is based on a classic design (inspired by Jack Mansell, who brought hoops back in 1969) and features a buttoned collar with blue and white hoops on the front and back.

The away shirt has a red collar and like the home shirt, is sponsored by Waitrose while the keeper’s top is pink in colour.

New Reading FC Kit 14 15

New Reading Home Shirt 2014 15

Reading FC Shorts 14 15

Reading FC Socks 14 15

Reading Away Kit 2014 15

Reading Away Kit Back

Reading Away Shorts

Reading FC Away Socks

Reading FC Goalkeeper Jersey

11 thoughts on “New Reading Kit 14/15- Puma Reading FC Home Away Shirts 2014-15

  1. James

    Done well to get that shirt!! Looks like the Italy template! Haven’t seen that on the genesis puma site. Hope my team gets this and not the usual baggy sleeve rubbish genesis are supplying!

  2. Foxy

    That is the Genesis version of the Italy template and guess what… It still has baggy sleeves.

  3. Frank

    Have you tried it on foxy? …no….please do before you comment – check wolves’ pictures from the last day when they wore next seasons kit…thanks

  4. SpaceCruiser

    I don’t like it. The hoops are too thick. They’re not proper hoops as they don’t go all the way around. Sleeves are too baggy. Looks like a rugby shirt. Away shirt is ok, but lazy design. Seems someone is stealing a living at Genesis Sports.

  5. Frank

    Do the sleeves look baggy here:


  6. James

    Might well be genesis copy but it has the logo on the bottom right as does the wolves one, none of the other genesis kits I’ve seen have this?

  7. James

    Think there are two versions of this kit to , like this and like the Italy kit which is different using pwr actv technology using athletic taping and compression, what ever that means! Hence the tight fit including the sleeves

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