New India Football Kit 2013/2014- Nike Indian Soccer Jerseys 2013/14 Home Away

These are the new India football kits 13/14, the Indian national football team’s new jerseys for the 2013/2014 international season. The new India kits have been made by Nike and were unveiled on August 1, 2013.

Despite being the second most populous nation in the world, India haven’t been able to set the football world alight, but they did compete in the 2011 Asia Cup and also had a friendly against Bayern Munich last year.

India are coached by Wim Koevermans, the former Dutch youth manager.

The new India home football shirt 2013/14 is the blue one in the pic below, modelled by ex Sporting striker Sunil Chhetri. The white and orange kit will be the team’s change strip.

New India Football Jersey 2013 2014

Sunil Chettri India Shirt 2013

28 thoughts on “New India Football Kit 2013/2014- Nike Indian Soccer Jerseys 2013/14 Home Away

  1. JonLCFC

    Ah yes, the traditional footballing nation that is India. I’m so glad EA decided to put them on FIFA 13. Who needs Serbia, Croatia or Nigeria?!

  2. Paulie

    Agreed Jon, shameful decision from EA. Money talks afterall.

    On topic, nice kits – but who really cares?

  3. druyda


    yes, i agree. Fifa have a manly full of great leagues but fail in simple teams, like eastern of europe, greece and south america.

  4. shanefai

    Very nice international kits! Shame they wont get much coverage… i hate to say it but they are kind of wasted ona team like india! No disrespect.. but i think they prefer cricket over soccer anyday

  5. angga

    lack of creativity from nike, both home and away shirt are using same template with Indonesia. I know both are just fourth world country in football, but I think nike can give different template for both… booooooring boring nike…

  6. Sid

    Dont have to be so critical of the state of football in the nation. I know its not what I would like it to be. But then again, how many of us even take the effort and go attend the I-League matches as a sign of support for the sport in the country? Its not the state it has become, but the state we have made it to be…
    Great 2nd jersey btw…

  7. skeel hart

    its too plain. india plays in blue for cricket, thats why its blue…. no effort from nike

  8. DJ

    @Mr John

    Blue is India’s traditional sporting color. It’s a neutral, secular color. Although saffron orange and green are part of the Indian national flag, they are too closely tied to Hinduism and Islam, respectively, to be a unifying color. Recently, though, they have been appearing as trim colors in Indian kits.

  9. Jasmeet

    there is a reason why clubs like barcelona , arsenal etc setting up their youth academies in india . they know india will succed in foolball in future unlike your mentioned countries whose have made their names still nowhere in games and books . besides our country is amongst those where fifa is played in large numbers .so i think if you talk about your countries , i would actually say WHO CARES

  10. Rathin

    Wow so much hate for the Indian team. Seriously guys, I don’t get why you guys have the whine. Did any Indians ever complain when we weren’t in any of the other FIFA games? Cant you just let us have our time in the limelight (lol). Moreover, I agree that Indian soccer isn’t where we’d like it to be but off late, interest has been picking up and all the big clubs are starting academies here. Who knows, in time you might see some bright Indian talent in a big team. And people call this decision shameful? The only thing shameful is your thought process sir.

  11. Joe the India football national team supporter

    Stfu India is a proud nation and no I’m not Indian but the reason I love this is because all they want to do is win games and play the best they can so stop being racist just cus there from Asia or because there Indian doesn’t mean no one cares plus Nike aren’t lazy India would of picked there shirt colours it’s there national colours England have the same kit all the time no one takes the piss out of them do they so stop its not nikes fault it’s not indias fault just blame the cricket they picked the colours first blame them

  12. Vimal sashikant

    Hey where can I order this kit from? I live in England and I can’t any website to order this kit, if you guys know please send me the link thanks. Vimal

  13. jeet kor

    blue shows us dreams above sky.
    but nike couldn’t touch the spirit of indian national flag in the soccer kits of indian team. they use blue white safronorange but always ignore the green, its so strainge & unfortunate. I would like to inform that there r no communal symbols with any color in the flag, but safron stands for honesty & sacrifice, white stands for peace & intigration,blue ashok chakra is symbol of dreamfull united progress, and the Green stands for the Youth Power & Faithfullness Of India. so please start to use green atleast in a little bit on India Football Jersey,like as No.s mark or in border with other present colors, it will look more fabulous,& may be lucky for serially loosing indian team also.

  14. Vipul


    The total population supporting football would be greater than your country population.
    Just that its not supported that well in India.
    In Next 5 Yrs we will climb up in Ranking.

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