Schalke Third Kit 2015 16

Schalke Third Kit 15-16- New S04 Alternate Jersey 2015-2016 Adidas

This is the new Schalke alternate kit 2015/16, Schalke 04’s new third kit for the upcoming Bundesliga season. A predominantly green number from kit partners Adidas, the new jersey was officially revealed to the public on May 15, 2015.

The jersey is inspired by the flag of the city of Gelsenkirchen, featuring the three colours of white, green and black

The two green shades on the front of the jersey go in opposite directions, with the lighter shade increasing as you go from top to bottom, and vice versa for the darker shade.

Gazprom are again principal sponsors of this new Schalke 3rd top 2015/16.

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Schalke Third Kit 2015 16

11 thoughts on “Schalke Third Kit 15-16- New S04 Alternate Jersey 2015-2016 Adidas

  1. lee

    adidas obviously cant afford designers to come up with individual kits. that’s an old Chelsea kit
    in different colours

  2. gary

    what is up with adidas, the southampton kit is identical to some of stoke city previous home kits, this kit would be a worthy attempt at an adidas sponsored werder Bremen kit, its a bit annoying looking at all these “3rd” kits, they are very rarely worn, every team should have a bright kit and a dark kit, no need for third kits

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