New Hearts Home Kit 2012-13 Adidas Hearts Top 2012-2013

Just a couple of weeks after the release of the new Hearts away strip for 2012/2013, the club have now released their new 2012/13 season home kit. The new HMFC home top 12/13 has been made by Adidas and was revealed on June 14, 2012 by Hearts.

Hearts’ new 2012-2013 season home kit features a maroon top paired with white shorts and maroon socks. are again the sponsors, with their logo appearing in a blue band in the jersey.

Hearts’ new home goalie strip will be bright orange in colour, as can be seen in the pics below.

Heart of Midlothian Home Strip 12-13

New Hearts Home Kit 2012-13

Hearts Home Kit Shorts 12-13

HMFC Socks

Hearts Home Goalkeeper Top 2013

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7 thoughts on “New Hearts Home Kit 2012-13 Adidas Hearts Top 2012-2013

  1. Rattray1993

    Dont understand why the home kit feels the need to have a blue wonga logo why cant it be white background and maroon lettering! Colour coordination is f***ed! The away top on the other hand done a good job with the wonga logo, doesnt make sense

  2. Mr French

    I agree guys… That logo is enough to ruin the entire look of the thing… I think it’s high time to find another place to put these logos… Why do they have to be on the kit at all??? I say cover the stadium of the home team with all the advertisements that you wish, but stop messing up the look of the kit with such gaudyness…

  3. RickyM69

    Noooooooo, I am now blind, how bright is the goalie top, jeezy peeps, totally agree with the wonga logo but they are paying to be on the top so blame them and the Wonga website motif is blue with white writing but Maroon writing on a white background would be nice

  4. Jonny

    Think about it, it’s Wonga’s company logo, the fact that they changed it for the away strip is already very reasonable. Let’s just be happy with what we have, one of the nicest home kits in a long time imo. Goalie strip is a bit brutal though.

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