Official- New Nike Manchester United Kit 2012-2013- 12-13 Man U Gingham Home Shirt

Here is the new Manchester United home shirt 2012/2013, Man Utd’s new home kit for the 2012/13 Premier League season. Man Utd’s new 2012/13 home strip was officially unveiled by the club on May 11, 2012, but pictures of the kit had already been leaked long before its release, and as we can see from the official pics down, the leaks were true.

The new Man U home shirt 2012/13 design is inspired by the club and city’s history, with a gingham print running through it. It has the motto ” Forged in Industry, Striving for Glory”, as can be seen from the pictures of the shirt below.

Finance giants AON are the principal sponsors of Man Utd’s new 12/13 home strip.

Man Utd defender Rio Ferdinand is here seen modelling MUFC’s new gingham inspired 2012/13 home jersey.

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Rio Ferdinand Manchester United Kit 2013

Gingham Man United Leaked

New Man Utd Top 2012-13

Manchester United Gingham 2013 Top

Man Utd New Jersey 2012-13

59 thoughts on “Official- New Nike Manchester United Kit 2012-2013- 12-13 Man U Gingham Home Shirt

  1. Steve

    Looks better in the flesh

    Still don’t like the tea towelish design but the squares aren’t that visible from some distance out

  2. junglist 71

    Looks like my nans tablecloth , but they could play in Borats mankini for all I care it’s results that count !

    p.s Come on QPR , we need a favour tomorrow . . . . Red Army

  3. RedRoadsey

    Quote: “the squares aren’t that visible from some distance out”. Who designs or buys a top to only been seen from a distance? Face it, it’s a crap design. (no matter how far you are when you look at it).

  4. Joshua Nesta

    Fantastic , it will boost morals but more trophies that is what we hungry for , concentrate on Carling , FA Cup and others too

  5. vernon

    Gotta admit its far beta then our 2011/2012 home kit which had da black n white collar!?WE CUD HAVE DONE BETA THOUGH!!

  6. isat

    looks like a table cloth… i think that the designers have to think of sumthin else.. this totally sucks… its not needed for kitchen wear.. it’s needed for the football field

  7. flynnie100

    HaHa hate it cant wait to see all the mancs crying again at the end of the season at least thay can use there shirts 🙂 anybody know when they bring the dish cloth or toilet paper version out ?

  8. ejl

    Great kit the title will be back in our hands for a 20th time better than Liverpool’s wetsuit

  9. Sudarshan

    i think this jersey looks ever beautiful in the MU’s jersey history”” well done nike.

  10. music028

    nike cud have done better for this awful kit, its a shame, such a gr8 team like man u is wearing this kit.!!!!!!!!!!!

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