White Mexico Jersey 2010 Special Edition Bicentenario

Adidas have released a new white soccer jersey for the Mexican national team to celebrate the country’s 200th year of independence. Only limited numbers of this special edition jersey will be produced by the sportswear giant. Mexico got independence from Spain in September 1810.

The official Bicentennial logo can be seen on the right sleeve of the shirt ( see the picture below). The jersey uses the colours of white, green and red, which are also the colours of the Mexican national flag. The collar, the Adidas stripes and the shirt numbers will all be in red.

This is an all white Mexico kit as white shorts and socks complete the strip. The word Mexico is written in black below the collar on the back of the shirt.

Mexico 2010 Jersey

Bicentenario Mexico

Mexico Special Edition White Jersey

8 thoughts on “White Mexico Jersey 2010 Special Edition Bicentenario

  1. Football Kit News Post author


    No major English online store seems to be stocking this white Mexico jersey.

    Your best options would be to check in Adidas stores in Mexico if you wish to buy it.

    There is an online Mexican store named Pambolero who currently have the Bicentenario jersey listed for sale, but do your due diligence before ordering from there. They are currently offering it for 1300 Mexican Pesos ( $100)

  2. Football Kit News Post author

    A google review doesn’t seem to throw up anything bad about them.

    They look legit enough but given that only 10,000 of these white jerseys were produced, it looks hard to believe that they’ve all not been snapped up yet.

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