New Barnsley Away Kit 12/13- Blue Nike Barnsley FC Away Shirt 2012/13

This is the new Barnsley away kit 2012/13, Barnsley FC’s new away shirt for the 2012/2013 season. Barnsley’s new 12/13 away top was officially unveiled on July 29, 2012 and has been made by Nike.

Nike have opted for blue and black as the primary colours for this Barnsley away top. The jersey is paired with black shorts and socks.

Like with the 2012/13 Barnsley home kit, the sponsors are again CK Beckett.

Barnsley FC Away Shirt 2012

New Barnsley Away Kit 2012 13

Barnsley FC Shorts 12 13

Barnsley Socks

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21 thoughts on “New Barnsley Away Kit 12/13- Blue Nike Barnsley FC Away Shirt 2012/13

  1. Jon

    The jagged stripes is a generic template, you dolt. Look at Hartlepool, Bradford City etc. from last year. The jagged stripes look silly and I’m surprised Barnsley would use this failed template. Colours look fine, though.

  2. Drew

    marcus :

    JonLCFC :Like it, don’t like the jagged stripes though

    do you want it to follow a generic template?

    but it is generic… many teams had the jagged stripes last season (Hartlepool, Bradford, Crystal Palace)

  3. cardiffcityfc

    well the badge and the sponser dont go with the kit have you always notist that all the premier leugue clubs get the top of the range nike stuff and all the clubs have the older stuff must be to do withe the money i exspect but some clubs hwo have nike have only just got to the goalkepper kit with
    the dots on the sleve that shirt was desinged by nike in 2006 and saw its first eperance in the 2007 to eight series but brfore i get caried away im going to say fare dues prity nice kit.;}

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