New Lazio Kits 12 13- Macron Lazio Jerseys 2012/2013 Home Away Third

These are the new Lazio kits 12/13, SS Lazio’s new home, away and third shirts for the 2012/13 season. The new Lazio 2012/13 kits have been made by Macron, who replace Puma as kit partners from the current season, and were officially unveiled by the Biancocelesti on 30 July, 2012.

The light blue top will obviously serve as Lazio’s 2012/2013 home kit. The darker shirt will be the away kit while the white jersey ( a throwback to the 70’s) will be the second alternate/third kit.

Macron Lazio Maglia 2012

New Lazio Kit 12 13

SS Lazio Jersey 2013

New Jersey Lazio 2012

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35 thoughts on “New Lazio Kits 12 13- Macron Lazio Jerseys 2012/2013 Home Away Third

  1. Gerd

    Wow what great kits!! Well done Macron…
    Better than all of their other kits!

    I’ll buy them all

  2. Sean

    Macron obviously seems to have done more work for Lazio and Napoli than the other clubs they sponsor

  3. Gerd

    Sean* Macron are an Italian company obviously they’ll save the best kits for them…

    Nice touch, First team of the capital

    take that roma, must drive them nuts kappa doesn’t make an effort like that.

  4. Yoyo

    Lazio always keep their kits simple which makes it more classy. I like all of their kits!

  5. Borat

    They must be losing a lot of money not having a sponsor. It looks great! You don’t see any kits without a sponsor…

    Lazio grande Lazio

  6. mauro z

    They’re very nice kits, its ashame we couldnt get the 80’s style with the eagle across the front.. Forza Lazio!

  7. Borat

    The Lazio owner doesn’t want to ruin the beauty of their shirt for a small deal. he is holding out for big money. They do have sponsors on the shirt for big matches.

    Beautiful kits probably the nicest one in Italy, I love the blue.

  8. Pedrothfc

    I usually treat myself to a lazio kit every season but don’t think it’s happening this year

  9. MV

    One of, if not the best, kit of the season. Absolutely class — all three of them. Even if it’s for a Fascist club!!!!!

  10. Football crazy

    MV many fan groups for various clubs have different political affiliations. Lazio is not a fascist club! Although some of their fans are right wing. Don’t call the club that its not a political organization. keep that shit to yourself please.

    Talk about the kits!

  11. Football crazy

    I wonder do the club have the final say on the kits?

    The Macron Aston Villa doesn’t even look like the same company made them. Lazio has fitted kits, Villa has loose baggy ones. Not to mention the poor design of the Villa kit. Lazio kits are by far the sleekest Macron kits I have ever seen.

  12. ~SS~ (Lazio)

    MV :Even if itโ€™s for a Fascist club!!!!!

    You say that as if its a bad thing! Somebodys got to keep the commie b*st*rds down.

  13. Football crazy

    The simple kits are always best! What’s there not to like?

    If you asked me to design three kits they would look similar to these Lazio kits. Great job macron!!

  14. luke

    I’ve read somewhere that kit was done by kappa.Generally macron is NOTconsideret about great quality

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