New Man Utd Away Goalkeeper Kit 2012-13- Blue Manchester United GK Shirt 12/13

Along with the new Man Utd away kit 2012/2013, the Red Devils have also unveiled a new change goalkeeper strip to be worn by David de Gea on their travels this season. The new Man Utd away goalkeeper shirt uses the same gingham template as the home kit and has been made by Nike.

New Manchester United Away Goalkeeper Kit 2012/13

Man Utd GK Away Shorts

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24 thoughts on “New Man Utd Away Goalkeeper Kit 2012-13- Blue Manchester United GK Shirt 12/13

  1. Frog Man 10

    That is really really nice! Can’t wait to see De Gea and Lindegaard in that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bob

    Shit shirt for a wank club! I wouldn’t even use it to wipe my arse. Wouldn’t mind setting it on fire though…

  3. Sahil Sibal

    Wow…Shit…It looks like a picnic mat…I think I still prefer the last season jersey than this one….This time jersey is the worst throughout the Manchester United history…Picnic…When they play at the field ask them to lay at the ground and I sure they will look like a picnic mat…​

  4. Me

    It’s nice to see how all the anti-Man United even have to stick the boot in over a fecking kit. People like that, i.e Bob, don’t deserve to follow football.

  5. littlelee-MUFC

    Isn’t it the exact same as the normal away kit

    Suppose it would be if it was white with a red trimmed grandad collar, and didint have the gingham print, do yeh I would say they are exactly the same too

  6. Manky Plop

    Mank U keeper shirt ~ ~ ~ silly. Mank U the team ~ ~ ~ very good. Mank U location ~ ~ ~ a perpetually flushing urinal

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