New Man City Away Kit 12-13- Umbro MCFC Away Shirt 2012-2013

This is the new Manchester City away kit 2012/13, Man City’s new away strip for the 12/13 Premier League season. This MCFC away kit 12/13 was unveiled along with City’s new 2012/13 home kit on July 5, 2012. City’s new away top is inspired by the kit worn by the club’s 1956 FA Cup final winning side.

The pics of City’s away 2012/13 kit matches the pics that were leaked a few weeks ago.

Noel Gallagher Man City Strip 2013

Man City Away Kit 2013

MCFC Away Shorts 12-13

Manchester City Away Socks 2012-13

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39 thoughts on “New Man City Away Kit 12-13- Umbro MCFC Away Shirt 2012-2013

  1. darren

    its the same colour as the newcastle away one. well copied city…

    first you buy the league and then you copy other clubs shirt colours…

  2. Ciarán


    We’ve had this maroon colour for many away kits previous to this, so to repeat what bob just said… get your facts right.

  3. Pedrothfc

    I like the home shirt with it’s black & White badge, this away kit is clean cut & not busy with lots of different bits of colours & flashes allover it. Well done City & Umbro!!!

  4. Luke Y

    I’m gonna copy the rest and say “Yeah, Darren…” But, seriously, the last time we had maroon was 2002/03 I think.

  5. Matrix

    Another cheap looking “kit” more akin with what a sunday pub team would wear… And why use Thunderbirds’ Parker to model it? What the is that all about??? Daft Northern t.ats…

  6. Marty

    Maroon is a traditional away colour of Man City over the years!1933, 34 and 56 cup finals, plus was an away kit from 65 to 68 as well as featuring as trim of the late 60s first kit and recently wore maroon on their socks in the 2011 cup final. So we haven’t copied anyone get over it !

  7. Luke Y

    @ikhwan fahmee
    How can you “choose” Arsenal? Are you for real? I’ve supported City all my life, right, and you have people like you come along and just hop from one team to the next. Ridiculous.

  8. Luke Y

    I reckon the third will be white or black but I have seen a third shirt. I’ll send it to the bloke who runs this. See if he puts it on.

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