New Marseille Away Kit 2012-13- OM Blue Shirt 2012-2013 Intersport

This is the new Olympique de Marseille away kit 2012/13, Marseille’s new away jersey for the 12/13 season. L’OM’s new 2012/13 shirt has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on July 5, 2012 by Adidas after the unveiling of Elie Baup as the club’s new coach. Marseille’s new away strip sees Adidas adopt a retro look for the kit, as can be seen in the pics below.

Most prominent on the away top is the new club logo that harks back to the 70’s, when the club had the likes of Josip Skoblar and Roger Magnusson playing for them . The kit has been sponsored by Intersport.

Marseille’s new home kit and reversible third jersey have already been released and can be seen in the Ligue 1 section of our website.

New Marseille Away Shirt 2012

Marseille New Away Jersey 2012

OM Exterieur Maillot 2013

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27 thoughts on “New Marseille Away Kit 2012-13- OM Blue Shirt 2012-2013 Intersport

  1. Sean

    Like it

    Adidas seem to have done well with this one

    Why do the French clubs only get interesting kits though?

  2. Jay

    Thats my favourite new kit ive seen for next season, So retro!! It looks likes its from the platini era lol, loooooove it!!

  3. Mr French

    Another great kit for a great club!!! Can’t wait to own this one as well… And to answer your question Sean, Ligue 1 has the best kits because France is where style and class lives… Just look at how the English Premiere League rushes to sign players from Ligue 1…

  4. MMV

    Instant classic. Absolutely stunning, every single bit of it. OM always has such unique kits. They can range abstract and futuristic to classy and simple. Either way they go it’s always a hit.

  5. gooner boy 1981

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  6. Mr French

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  7. gooner boy 1981

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  8. Mr French

    You may have gotten me goonergirl if it weren’t for the fact that your the one thats following me… Your the one thats inviting others to follow you to my team OM kit… You are the one thats arguing back… I say f#*k the dumb S#*T and accept my offer!!! I’ll even let you bring a mate… Pick your biggest and most bravest friend… Cochon!!!

  9. Mr French

    I don’t think you were talking this kind of foolishness when your club was enjoying the success that a French manager brought you… Co**ard!!!

  10. gooner boy 1981

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  11. JBVI

    Wow I hope this comes in long sleeves as well. It is a beautiful shirt. Marseille always have nice kits too. Definitely getting this one. And it looks good on the players as well. footballfashion(dot)org/wordpress/2012/07/05/olympique-marseille-adidas-201213-away-kit/

  12. eMKay


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