New Southampton FC Kits 12-13- Umbro Saints Home Away Shirts 2012-2013

These are the new Southampton kits 12/13, Southampton FC’s new home and away shirts for the 2012/2013 Premier League season. The new Saints kits 2012/2013 have been made by Umbro and were revealed on 29 June, 2012 by the South Coast oufit, who won promotion from the Championship along with Reading and West Ham.

Southampton’s new 2012/2013 home kit is predominantly red with thin white pinstripes. Saints’ new away strip is white in colour with red pinstripes as can be seen from the pictures below.

Southampton based IT solutions provider Aap3 (All About People Process & Productivity) are the principal sponsors of the new Saints home and away 2012/13 kits.

New Saints Shirt 2012-13

New Southampton FC Jersey 2012

New Southampton Kit 2013

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69 thoughts on “New Southampton FC Kits 12-13- Umbro Saints Home Away Shirts 2012-2013

  1. Iceman

    Well, the kit is beautiful, but as a Southampton kit I’m not sure what the fans will think of this. The away kit is a classic though.

  2. Mr French

    Holy S#*T!!! Coming to the EPL with this horrid rag??? Can’t wait to see Chelsea punish this club… You’ll be out of the EPL before you know it…

  3. Davie

    Very smart. I like them – as football kits, but I’m not a Saints fan, therefore my opinion doesn’t really count. An attempt to sell more shirts in the far east?

  4. MOC

    I can understand this move away from the bold red and white stripes. With Sunderland and Stoke City already in the premiership, showing up wearing the same style of shirt is just going to hurt their branding. But the problem is, this shirt seems to disregard the bulk of Southampton’s history in the process. And that is never a good idea.

    What I would suggest is to go way back and grab an old kit design from the end of the 1800s. A red and white halved shirt, or a quartered red and white checkered pattern, from the very earliest days of the club’s history. Or, alternatively, go with a riff on the early 1980s design of a red shirt with a very wide, single white center stripe. Sort of a reversed version of Ajax’s kit.

  5. littlelee-MUFC

    I actually quite like this, very smart. I’m sure it will upset a lot of saints fans though

  6. Daredevil

    Man city collar from 2011 season. They should get something made for the new season.

  7. Lee Gerald

    Nice kit. Collar is a leaf off Manchester City FC from 2011/2012. Hope The Saints will stay up and fight strongly in the league.

  8. Anthony - AVFC

    looks a decent quality, but I think its taking the Southampton ‘stripes’ a bit far, think Saints fans would prefer more dominant thicker stripes



  10. Keith

    As a Saints Fan I have to admit at first glance im left in shock. I think it’s just a massive change and it was not what I was expecting. The Away kit looks good, but the home kit doesnt look like a Southampton shirt!

  11. Carl H

    Strange to see a Saints home shirt without the bold white stripes. It’s a smart kit, but a very brave move by club & supplier here.

    Still, at least it’s not as big a departure from the norm as Cardiff? 🙂

  12. Spudsaint

    Sorry. Looks like something Barnsley might have worn in League 2 in the 90s. Horrible. Red shorts as well. No way! Only redeeming features are badge and socks. The sash kit was OK because it was 125 year anniversary one off retro. I might buy the away shirt but will stick with last year’s home shirt.

  13. OCAW

    @Mr French.
    Who calls it EPL other than the scots?? Go and wave your free flag at the bridge you plastic fan.
    Nice away kit, questionable home kit though I’m warming to it slightly after the initial shock!

  14. Mr French

    To ocaw… That’s a lot of big talk from a S#*T club just entering the EPL… You’ll deserve everything you get when Chelsea destroy your dreams… And no i’m no Scot… I’m a proud French American… With dual citizenship in two of the greatest countries in the world… Con**rd!!!

  15. OCAW

    @mr french.
    There was no big talk, I didn’t say you were a scot and we are not just entering the PL we have played in it for two thirds of the seasons since it started so get a bit of knowledge you ignorant, thick idiot. Stick to the sahcccccer! And enjoy those free flags!!! Mug!!!

  16. sam

    I really like them both, think their really smart and my son cant wait to buy his out of his birthday money

  17. Jesus_02

    Did Mr French just call someone a duck? French American eh…why does he support a Russian club?

  18. Owen Who

    Who are the faceless marketing people who gave the the go ahead for this monsrosity ?. they clearly are not Saints supporters. This goes against over 125 years of tradition. It is not a Saints kit, we`ll be watching Saints in a Liverpool kit. Never had red shorts in our 1st team kit in our history.

  19. Keith Morgan

    The Away kit would make more sense to be our Home kit. The All red doesnt look right.

  20. Mr French

    Ha!!! I love getting you English frills in a wad… Even when your trying to tell someone off you sound gay… Probably from holding too many tea cups with your pinky finger out… I cant wait for August… ALLEZ CHELSEA!!!

  21. gooner boy 1981

    Mr French :Ha!!! I love getting you English frills in a wad… Even when your trying to tell someone off you sound gay… Probably from holding too many tea cups with your pinky finger out… I cant wait for August… ALLEZ CHELSEA!!!

    you love a wad from the English in your frills?!!! you want us to tell you off and make it sound gay?!!! you want us to do what with our pinky fingers?!!! you can’t wait for it?!!! Frenchy, you should see a counciller about all this, you got problems – and remember – no means no!!!

  22. OCAW

    Frills? Wad? Off you jog. I’m assuming when you say “sound gay” you actually mean literate?
    I’m surprised that you have such a problem with homosexuality given that you seem to proudly claim to be French?
    Also, you do know Chelsea are an English club? Your knowledge appears to be that poor that I thought I’d better check.
    Could go on forever but it’s frankly just too easy to take the p**s out of you.
    PS please keep posting its just too funny!

  23. Olly

    It’s the same as the Ireland and Sweden kits from Euro 2012 – manufacturers do tend to have a limited selection each year and maybe Umbro don’t do a striped shirt.
    What’s going on with red shorts and socks too!

  24. Mr French

    Hilarious… Absolument hilarious… Fous le merde!!! Ha!!! Hours of entertainment… Thank you all!!!

  25. pfcsteve

    umbro should of designed an all brown kit, or atleast the shorts to hide the skid marks when city united chelsea and arsenal give the a thumping….

  26. OCAW

    Speak up son, hard to hear you down there in league 1. I’d keep a low profile if I was you. Universally considered to be the skunk of English football given your antics over the last few years. Should be made to return your FA cup cheating set of b******s!

  27. WBAfoster

    What is it with you coming on here and ripping the p*** out of all the kits? no one gives a s*** if chelsea are champions of europe cus you wont win it next season so simmer down and shut the f*** up!

  28. Sean Alexander

    Quite like it. Not what i was expecting but sets them apart from the stokes and sunderlands

  29. Keith Morgan

    Perhaps swapping the shorts on both kits so Home has white and the Away has red!

  30. pfcsteve

    typical stain with short term memory loss, correct me if i’m wrong but was’nt it you in league one and having points deducted not so long ago. pompey and proud

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