New Southampton FC Kits 12-13- Umbro Saints Home Away Shirts 2012-2013

These are the new Southampton kits 12/13, Southampton FC’s new home and away shirts for the 2012/2013 Premier League season. The new Saints kits 2012/2013 have been made by Umbro and were revealed on 29 June, 2012 by the South Coast oufit, who won promotion from the Championship along with Reading and West Ham.

Southampton’s new 2012/2013 home kit is predominantly red with thin white pinstripes. Saints’ new away strip is white in colour with red pinstripes as can be seen from the pictures below.

Southampton based IT solutions provider Aap3 (All About People Process & Productivity) are the principal sponsors of the new Saints home and away 2012/13 kits.

New Saints Shirt 2012-13

New Southampton FC Jersey 2012

New Southampton Kit 2013

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69 thoughts on “New Southampton FC Kits 12-13- Umbro Saints Home Away Shirts 2012-2013

  1. Luke Y

    I wouldn’t be so sure. League 1 isn’t easy to get out of. Just ask Sheffield United, Saints, Sheff. Wed., Charlton and Leeds to name but a few.

  2. pfcsteve

    @Luke Y
    i’m under no illusions that it’s gonna be tough but we’ve got the best fans in england, ones that dont boo their owm team off the park i.e reading at home last season when stains were top of the league, no wonder your team bottled it when it came to the title with support like that

  3. Luke Y

    My team won the title last year and hopefully we have good kits again but, as for Saints’ kits, I’m not overly keen. As for Portsmouth I’m not sure about having the best fans in the country. We’ve had fantastic support since I’ve been going for the last 12 years.

  4. OCAW

    No memory loss here. Our ex chairman mismanaged us to the point of collapse. It’s happened to a fair few clubs in recent years.
    Your ex chairman and ex manager took bungs, tapped up players, falsified accounts, avoided tax amongst other illegal activity. In short, deliberately cheated the market to put you in a false position. Very, very different.
    Best fans in the country? Whatever you like! Nobody outside Portsmouth thinks that and you know it. Cr**py club, toilet of a stadium. Both back where we belong now. I wouldn’t be so sure we’ll be in the championship next season! You sure as hell won’t be! COYS!

  5. Smevster

    Doesn’t look like Southampton at all. Looks more like Middlesbrough. I like kits to be able to instantly identify a team.

  6. neill

    the southampton kits are the best kits they are very smart exspaly the home kit but the away one is exallnt aswell

  7. Wilson97

    The kits are really really nice especially the home one… im afraid i cant say your going to stay up seeing you next season 😛 – Burnley Fan

  8. abdul

    they might under estimate us but they have to go through thick and thin to beat us not because we are the best but we because we set the standards. soouuthhhtaaaamptooon

  9. pfcsteve

    well done stains, you’re not out of trouble yet “i’ve got my fingers crossed”

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