New Hull City Kit 2012-2013- Adidas Hull City Home Shirt 12-13

This is the new Hull City kit 2012/13, Hull City’s new home shirt for the 2012/13 season. The Tigers’ new strip has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on June 14, 2012. Hull City finished 8th in the 2011/12 edition of the Championship, but will be hoping for a return to the Premier League under Steve Bruce in 2012/13.

Hull City’s new 12/13 kit has seen Adidas let go of the stripes from last season’s design but retains the club’s traditonal black and amber colours.

Cash Converters are again the principal sponsors of Hull’s new 2012/13 home kit, as can be seen in the pictures below.

New Hull City Kit 2013

Adidas HCAFC Jersey

Hull City Shirt

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31 thoughts on “New Hull City Kit 2012-2013- Adidas Hull City Home Shirt 12-13

  1. Anthony - AVFC

    that is horrible, I dont know much about Hulls history, but I am not sure how that kit fits into it. Colours are OK but design is awful

  2. Mr French

    Great kit… Sh**ty club… Shouldn’t waist good designs on insignificant clubs… Do people still watch hull city matches???

  3. Mr French

    For all you know nothings, here in America, we have a feature on our phones called predict~a~word… It looks for the word your trying to spell and it gives you a couple of different ways it is spelled… I was such in shock over the fact that your sh*t club is still in existence, that i didn’t take the time to check which spelling it had chosen… Excuse me… Have fun in the lower leagues losers… CHELSEA!!! CHELSEA!!! CHELSEA!!!

  4. Tom Hull

    I like the style, but what on earth does it have to do with Hull City we’re called the Tigers for God’s sake and I may not be an expert but I haven’t seen many Tigers with no stripes

  5. H*le Ar*e 69

    I see stripeson this tiger.. the three stripes on the side…lol

    adidas suck btw @ designing kits

  6. Daz Hull

    Mr French, you are the perfect example of a glory hunting bafoon. HCFC til I die. Having fun in the lower leagues….. (The NPower Championship)

  7. Leevan70

    Some people prefer to use their brains for spelling..NOT a machine !
    And if your from America, why don’t you support one of your own SOCCER teams ?
    Get to many Chelsea games ?? My guess would be Never !..I will predict you’ll be a Man City supporter this time next year..Fu*king glory boy.
    @Mr French

  8. pfcsteve

    if anyone is interested i’m doing a sky sports fantasy league(it’s free to enter just register with sky sports fantasy football) the league is called serie z and the pin is 8000385. everyone welcome

  9. Danny

    @Mr French

    mr French you knob head! daft c**t we are not a s****y slub we’re just not as good as Man City who I’m guessing you support glory supporting d**k

  10. Dave

    @Mr French
    Haha funny mr French,u glory hunter Chelsea! I bet ur not from London!. Support ur local team, so u say ‘here in America’ support an American team u idiot

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