Leaked New Manchester City Kits 2012-2013- Umbro Man City Jerseys 12-13 Home Maroon Away

See official pics of the new Manchester City Away Kit 12/13

Click here for the official release of the new Man City home kit for 2012/2013

These are what are supposedly the new leaked Manchester City jerseys 2012/2013, the home and away kits for Manchester City for the forthcoming 12-13 season. Roberto Mancini’s City are the defending champions for the 2012/13 English Premier League season, winning the title on the last day of the previous season and finishing ahead of Man Utd, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

These leaked Man City 2012/13 kit pics have gone viral on the internet. Whether this is the real deal or not will be known when City officially unveil their 2012-2013 strips.

As per these leaked photos, one of which has MCFC’s Serbian defender Alexsandr Kolarov in it, the home jersey has a black collar while the new City away shirt 2012/13 is maroon in colour.

These 2012-13 Man City kits are the last ones for City from the Umbro stable- the club will be switching to Nike from the 2013/14 season.

Leaked Man City Kit 2013

Man City Leaked Top 2013

Man City Leaked Jersey 2013

Maroon Manchester City Kit Leaked 2012-13

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74 thoughts on “Leaked New Manchester City Kits 2012-2013- Umbro Man City Jerseys 12-13 Home Maroon Away

  1. DJ

    Nice. Odd, though, that the badge would be in its true colors only on the change shirt.

  2. Guy

    as is says in the article they will be switching to nike NEXT season once the current deal with Umbro is over

  3. bob

    “These 2012-13 Man City kits are the last ones for City from the Umbro stable- the club will be switching to Nike from the 2013/14 season.”

    What part of this can’t people read?

  4. Mr French

    Hey Bob, you say that as if Nike is any better… Nike makes the worlds ugliest kits!!! If it isn’t ADIDAS, then it ain’t worth shit!!! Just look at the new Man U kit… I wouldn’t even wash the Saab with that rag… Nike should stay the hell out of football altogether… I’m a CHELSEA man myself… Just look at how exquisite their new kit looks… Oh, and did i mention that they are the champions of Europe!!! Can’t waiting to see them in the states at Yankee stadium…

  5. James

    Can’t believe that photos have leaked AGAIN. Last season was the same. Months before the official launch there were lots of leaked photos of Man City’s kit. Who on earth runs their marketing department? Personally I think the kits are ok but they do not look like the kits of Champions. You’d expect to see a lower division team wear something like these. It’s a shame really. Take a look at Liverpool’s new kit and you’ll see that you can be creative and yet still adhere to some traditional values. Umbro have let themselves down here. Roll on next season’s kit when Nike have a go.

  6. Ruaridh

    I think people need to start reading. City are using Nike from 2013/14…..retards

  7. -_-

    nice away kit
    not sure on the home kit
    the badge looks shit being just black and white
    oh and too all you retards who obviously can’t read
    they will be switching from umbro too nike in 2013-2014…

  8. hassan

    I think away kit will look fkn awesome depending on the pants they wear…home kits look lyk a step towards the old times.

  9. Chris

    The home kit is nowhere near as nice and smart as the season just gone, surely these cant be it!

  10. Mr French

    No beef Bob… Just pointing out how ugly Nike kits are as well as the one they seem to be going with now… And for the record, i heard that Nike will take over after the 2012/2013 campaign… Not sure how true it is though…

  11. MoRgAn! Xxx

    REALLY! OMG! …. I love them, there great, as long as the city badge is there its fine…. But i do think the home one is better than the away one!!! Xxx

  12. Mr French

    Right on Bob… Nike doesn’t care about football culture or satisfying the average fan… As long as their pockets are well lined… And greetings from America Bob… from Mr French, the French American…

  13. Rob

    All I seem to see from mr french is adidas adidas adidas rants… ah well,
    at least i agree on how sh*t nike is, buy it for £50+ lasts a week 🙁


  14. alexefc17

    the black bit on the home kit i think is paying tribute to the oil which has given man city the fa cup and the premier league. looks like they’re trying to persuade them to stay and give them more money lol
    and can’t people read? it says the nike deal starts in 13/14 season.

  15. Mr French

    Yeah Rob, you are correct… I do stand behind Adidas… Show me a better looking kit and i’ll take a look… Adidas was created FOR football when there were no proper boots being made for the sport… I live in America where that hideous check mark known as Nike is literally everywhere… It’s almost robotic… Like a microchip has been planted in everyone’s brain that says MUST GET NIKE!!! The funny thing is, when people see me in one of about 75 pairs of my Adidas shoes, everyone immediately ask where i got them, or give me complements on them… What i’m saying is that people here have a hard time being original… It’s just a given that when you go out to buy shoes, they automatically pick up Nike without looking at other options… Just sick of seeing Nike… That’s all… Plus, Nike has some rather scary practices on how there products are made… I saw a video of children being beaten over the head because he looked up from stitching some shoes for two seconds… So yes, i love Adidas also because they remind me of Europe… Peace Rob, from Mr French…

  16. Callum

    I like nike and umbro, as their kits aren’t trying to be weirdly technical looking. p.s. i dislike the Man Utd kit though, but this away kit is NOICE

  17. DanMed

    I like them!! (City Fan) The away one reminds me of that maroon and gold Arsenal one from a few years ago.

    @Mr French
    Actually Adidas where made for running, like in the olympics and stuff, originally by Adi and Ruudy Dassler in Germany in the early 20th century. Rudolph Dassler then went on to form the Puma brand, who I believe make exeptional Kits and Boots.

  18. Pommy

    Don’t know why City fans are excited about this new Nike deal for 13/14… I’m a UTD fan myself but just take a look at our kit and the new Barca kit for example. I like Umbro and this kit isn’t half as bad as what people are making it out to be.

  19. RedRoadsey

    Both kits uninspired rubbish. The away kit is just about good enough to wash my car with. This is what happens you record losses of £197M (M also stands for Muppets). Still, city fans, anything is better than Uniteds tea-towels…

  20. RedRoadsey

    Retards? Bit strong isn’t it. Just because someone misunderstood your comment doesn’t mean they are retarded – try and be more tolerant.

  21. leemcfcwills

    @-_- Yeah i agree! Home shirt needs the coloured badge, not sure about the black collar either!! I love the away strip tho! Still reckon our away strip should be based on the wembley 1999 kit yellow n black stripes!!

  22. cj khan


    IN YOUR FACE UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    @Mr French

  24. Mr French

    Hey madblue, who cares… CHELSEA ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!! Nobody grows up wishing they could play for city… They grow up knowing that they could be bought by city… F’ em’…

  25. Mr French

    And for DanMed… You should probably stay away from wikapedia… Did you know that anyone can put what they want on there??? It’s not an accurate site… Sure, they tested Adidas in several different sport genres, but they were the first major company to make boots for football… Saw a documentary on it, plus, i bought an anniversary edition boot and it had a biography on the inside of the lid of the box… Complete with the first pair made, draped over his shoulder… Nike can’t say that at all… And we’d better be careful because when a company like Nike dominates the industry, they also change the sport altogether… Look at the NFL, NBA, etc.. Hell, look at what happened to Liverpool… Next, Liverpool will be in the MLS… They are owned by Americans ya know…

  26. Toomy

    Both are plain, classic city kits and I like them both but I wish that they wouldnt change the badge colour on the home one. The black collar looks good but why change the badge?

  27. Bobsickly

    @ Mr French

    Hmmm maybe if you can stop getting so wound up spouting BS about Nike you might get the facts right, Nike have sweet FA to do with the NFL you mong, their kits are exclusively supplied by Reebok and Reebok alone!!!! Take your head out your ass!!!

  28. Dub

    their not bad at all but i liked the original from last season but for the real fans… would like them but i’m going to see for the chelsea or man utd new outfits now.

  29. Jay

    @Mr French
    So you’re saying that you assume adidas DOESN’T use child labor to manufacture their products as well? Think again… I do like Nike kits, as well as Nikes boots and that’s mostly because for 2 seasons I wore adidas and they didn’t fit me just right, and both pairs of Nikes I wore fit.

    I like plenty of Nike kits, including the USMNT kit, I actually like the Man U kit, Barca’s new kit (home and away looks rather nice as well)


    You should get YOUR facts straight the NFL is no longer supplied by Reebok, Nike is taking over this year and supplying uniforms and other equipment to the teams…….

  30. Alfie.

    The blcak on the home shirt is going back to when Man City were St Marks before being Ardwick FC, St Marks played in black shirts with a large white Maltese Cross as the badge….As with the Purple City have played in Purple away kits for years so just depends on what the colour the shorts are but I expect it to be all purple…..
    As for Yoooniteds new dishcloth shirt is in respect of all their chav fans…..I think the black and white on the shirt is for all the Adidas Sambas seen at Old Scaffold every home game……LOL

  31. DanMed

    @Mr French
    Hahahah you narrow minded d*ckhead thats not Wikipedia, thats common knowledge. And they weren’t tested in other sports, the where MADE for other sports.
    You’re just another shit yank who thinks they know everything and in fact, you know nothing, so sit down bell end

  32. Htwe Ei Ei Win

    both shirt r nice but i like 2011-12 kit more… but actually i don’t like home kit too much… away kit is a bit nice………….

  33. Dip

    I think this was released before the commercial of the city players asking the fans for their ideas for the new kit. I really hope these aren’t the final kits.. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.. Does anyone have any idea when it’s officially coming out?

    Screw all this Nike, umbro and Adidas crap.. Go fila!! Jk

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