New Barcelona Kit 2012-2013- Nike Barcelona Home and Away Orange Strips 12-13

These are the new Barcelona kits 2012/2013, the new playing uniforms for FC Barcelona for the 2012/13 La Liga season. Barcelona reached the semifinals of the 2011/12 Champions League before losing to eventual winners Chelsea and finished second in the league behind Real Madrid. Barca’s new 12-13 shirts have been made by Nike and were officially unveiled on May 22, 2012 at MACBA.

Leaked photos of the new Barcelona shirts had been leaked prior to the release and the official photos roughly confirm the leaked designs.

Barcelona’s new 2012/2013 home shirt sees a merging of the famed red and blue stripes of the club. The away shirt is a mix of orange and yellow, as can be seen in the photo below.

Qatar foundation are the principal sponsors of the new Barcelona strips 2012/13.

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FCB New Kit 2013

Orange Barcelona Kit 2012-2013

New Barcelona Top 2012-13

Barcelona New Shirt 2012

New Barcelona Strip 2012-13

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88 thoughts on “New Barcelona Kit 2012-2013- Nike Barcelona Home and Away Orange Strips 12-13

  1. Carles

    Away kit is terrible

    Who thought orange yellow would be a good colour?

    Home kit’s okay

  2. Venito

    I think the players will be more than happy to use the second kit for their summer holidays

  3. Alex

    They should have chosen a better away jersey colour

    Even that green top was better than this lime monstrosity

  4. Mr French

    Wow Nike!!! Your kits get uglier and uglier every year… This ugly monstrosity of a kit will go well with Messi and Puyol’s ugly face… Has anyone else noticed what an ugly group of people are on this team??? Looks like someone vomited on some fabric and called it a day!!! Whoever designed this kit should find a tall building and take a leap!!!

  5. PresidentEVERDEEN

    @Mr French
    Well One Things For Sure Messi’s Not Ugly And None Of The Other People Are In the Team Either! And I reckon The Kits Are Awesome and That “Bravo, Nike” Definitley Buying Both. So Don’t Dis The Best Team in the World!

  6. Mr French

    If Barcelona were the best team in the world, then they would have won the league title… Real Madrid are the champions of Spain… Chelsea are the champions of Europe… So Barcelona aren’t the best, are they??? And if you think they are the best, then you would have no problem giving your money to a company who enslaves children to make their products… You know nothing about football…

  7. PresidentEVERDEEN

    If You Are A True Barcelona U wouldn’t Care What the Kit Is. All U need To Care About Is Them In the La Liga and Champions League And Beating REAL MADRID

  8. Mr French

    I loath Barcelona… It’s a team that is way overrated… And if Messi is so great, then why can’t he score for Argentina??? He has one of the lowest scoring records on the Argentinian team… Players from Barcelona have been quoted as saying that they are told to always pass the ball to Messi… I think it’s a psychological move to make them look like they have a legend on the team so opposing teams would be mentally thrown… But what i do know is that other teams have caught on and the champions of Spain are Real Madrid… CR7 baby!!!

  9. james

    @Mr French
    fine mr.french, who do you think its the best then? and what team is it that you go for. Since you dislike messi and barca so much, I just want to know what you think. You got to be very ugly to call Puyol and Messi ugly. In my opinion Puyol looks better than ronaldo, at least he done a great job for Spain and Barcelona. Ugh… He won the world cup? uhmmm

  10. op1

    @Mr French
    hey mr frenchie, Real are not champions of europe, chelsea is for the time being, you shouldnt talk loud, you havent been champions of europe in a decade and counting, barca has won it 3 times since, messi will come around for argentina, and didnt he scored for my argentina against chile friendly, and besides hes a team player for his country, he doesnt steal the spotlight from his countrymen, you BAFFOON!!! Besides id rather him taking the spotlight from cr7robot, in a barcelona jersey scoring how many goals?? breaking records and another pichichi, dont be shocked if he wins another award because hes the best baby,
    if we win LA copa del rey, we”ll take it back from you before you drop it again under a bus.
    LOL :0

  11. Mr French

    First of all if you could read, you would see that i never said that Real Madrid are the champions of Europe, i said they were the champions of Spain… Read again and you will find that i said that CHELSEA are the champions of Europe… For me, i happen to have a favorite team in several different leagues around the world because i love the SPORT and enjoy watching them play… English Premier League, i am a Chelsea man, Ligue 1, since i am a French American, my heart goes to Marseille, la Liga, i like Real Madrid, and so on… The reason i don’t care for Barcelona is because i find, and this is just me, but i find that most of Barca’s fans are what we call in America, bandwagon fans… They only like them because they’re doing well… A true fan should be a fan through good and bad times… Which one are you???

  12. sdaesdae

    @Mr French
    you’re right, true fans will like their favorite team in good or not good condition… I like barca even they wouldn’t get any title in a season… but if you just came to this site just to humiliate us, YOU ARE SUCH AN ENVIOUS MAN!! Just watch your favorite teams play..! You should see how barca play!! more attractive than chelsea a.k.a CATTENACIO-ers! You just admire the results, not the process!! Even my little bro who don’t like soccer too much said to me, “barcelona’s play never made me fell asleep, not like the others” Listen guys! this man, MR FRENCH, becomes a bad-attitude man because he likes bad-attitude teams, too~~

  13. Mr French

    Envious??? Please garcon… What do i have to be envious about??? My team (CHELSEA) went to, and won the Champion League title while Barca sat at home being what??? ENVIOUS!!! and if you got your feelings hurt over what i said about Barca, then i apologise little lady… You shouldn’t wear your emotions on your sleeve… Maradona even praised Chelsea for beating all odds and winning the title… Learn your football…

  14. sdaesdae

    @Mr French
    and what’s your football?? why must you disgrace this teams? you’re too much in criticizing, until it looks like CHILDISH CRITICISM! i also admit chelsea’s victories, but not the process of getting that victories (bored-play) but you (maybe other chelsea’s fans) get overjoyed on euforia, thinking other teams other than chelsea , ESPECIALLY BARCA, are weaker.. you should know that football is created to entertain viewers (fan’ sight), and chelsea’s playing (YOUR FOOTBALL maybe) isn’t entertaining, only entertained chelsea’s own fans.. and if you ever said “they like because they’re doing well”, (almost definitely) because BARCA ALWAYS SERVES ENTERTAINING PLAYING! You are the bullshit of an I-know-football man. childish..

  15. The Troll Killer

    @Mr French

    BTW, isn’t that suspicious that the Yank Frog only roots for Adidas Teams? BTW, Guardiola is going to live in NYC. The guy will faint!

  16. The Troll Killer

    And about the shirts. The home one is nice, the away one is plain awful.

  17. i HATE french people

    troll killer i eat trolls for breakfast bitttttttttttttttttttcccccccccccccccccccccccccccghhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. i HATE french people

    hey hey hey mr french man u are a bit of a douche bag u need to learn that chelsea have been beaten by a team called wigan and a team called bolton who are going into the championship u are a bit of a 8========D

  19. op1

    like yourself mr french-american, i like the sport that we all love, OUR FOOTBALL!!!
    just to let you know ive been a fan of Barca since 2006, but that was only because, i fell out of love with our juventus, which by the way i was a fan of since 1999 at this time also i started following Chelsea fc, so yes i also like several teams in different european leagues, mine are Barca, chelsea, and juventus: even though they got relegated, i was still supporting and glad they returned to Serie A to be undefeated this season! glad that chelsea are european champions for the first time in their history, even though i am also a barca supporter i understand that barca cant win it all, all the time, but you have to admit, barca dominated european , & domestic soccer IN SPAIN for the past 7 years, specially the past 3 years, with their excellent tikki tak passing, and in the champions league all around europe, along with messi breaking records as a single player, its understandable for other teams to be jealous of such a powerhouse that has been BARCELONA FC, but do not be surprised if barcelona keep competing in the next few years, sure Real madrid will try to duplicate what barcelona has done recently, they have done it before for 5 years straight in the early 60′ in la liga, they have history, barcelona has only begun to have a history( or make history), chelsea has only begun to have a history also, so no i dont believe im a bandwagoneer, im a appreciater of great FOOTBALL when i see it, OUR FOOTBALL, and IF guardiola becomes the manager of Chelsea ill be smiling, cause im still also a fan of juventus.

  20. op1

    I like how the new barcelona jerseys are similar but not alike as PSG jerseys past…will defenantly buy it, with Messi’ number 10

  21. Mr French

    Ha!!! Now that i have your attention… Ask your midget troll you call Messi if he’s invited to the Euro 2012… I laugh at you people… So easy to get you upset… Your all probably just a bunch of Mexicans wishing you were Spanish… In case you haven’t heard mon cochon’s, the prediction for the Euro winners are a close tie between FRANCE, and England… If you knew football, than you would also know why it is important to support a brand like Adidas… Learn your football, then we can talk…

  22. Blueworld

    Both Kits are awesome>>>>>> Lets wait and see them put it on b4 we criticise…..

  23. Wawa

    @Mr French
    If you dislike BARCELONA and all the players for BARCELONA, what the f*ck are you doing here, giving your opinion about a kit and a team you say you dislike so much?

  24. Wawa

    And that prediction was made by whom, your mom or your sister? Couse everyone else are only talking about ESPANA, Germany and the Netherlands.

  25. Dub

    I dont like the new away shirt either it really doesn’t fit with the name and proud of barcelona… but the new home shirts are well ok for me.

  26. op1

    mexicans are decendants from the spaniards, and france was once good. what an awful way to leave the world cup in 2010, well i guess you deserved it for cheating against Ireland in the qualifiers. i wont be rooting for any europeans countries, im south american, and the midget troll you call messi will destroy any club and country called france, if you get in his way, mark these words, you little franch adidas whore, go lick a frog!

  27. Mr French

    In case you haven’t heard, Messi is being considered by Chelsea to get Guardiola to manage… If this happens, then watch what becomes of your beloved Messi… He won’t have his Barcelona teammates to pass the ball to him every time, he won’t be taking every penalty kick so he can rack up points to help him win the golden boot… Messi was created for simple minded people and it looks like it worked… (edited by staff)… Bonjour mon cochon!!! Aaaaaah ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!

  28. Mr French

    And one more thing to wawa… France has won the last 20 matches… So for all you haters, despite what happened in the world cup, FRANCE IS BACK B**CHES!!! Fous le merde!!!

  29. Mr French

    What’s the matter staff??? Mr French too real for you??? Have a problem with French people??? Insult me but i can’t strike back??? You must be a Barcelona bandwagon fan as well… Edited by staff… Really???

  30. Mr.notafagfrenchy

    @ mr. French. You know you should worry about youre ligue 1 ridicoulous 3d kit effffing dumb and btw you guys did awesome at 2010 world cup, don’t worry about cr7, worry about ur overrated Ribery.

  31. Mr French

    I would strike back, but my words are too lethal for these fags that edit what say… Look at this shit “STAFF” i don’t see any editing on anyone else!!! FRANCE IS SUPREME!!! f#$k all of you cochon’s!!!

  32. welshy89

    who is this French twat??? sounds like an absolute blade !!! from everything i have read he clearly knows nothing about football. I have yet to see anyone american who knows the slightest thing about the way football works at the top level. For one FCB has a global support not because of “gloryhuners” as he says it is because their philosophy is to be commended, respected and enjoyed by anyone who loves football no matter who you support, even the bernabeu stood in ovation waving their white hankies in respect of barcelona not long ago !!! Also whats the slavery chat ur coming away with?? if being part of la masia learning how to play football the RIGHT way is slavery then ad swap it for my job any day, youngsters like tello, cuenca, etc.. clearly look like they enjoy every part of life at barcelona. And finally anyone who says england have a shot at euro 2012 should be shot, period! Theyre rotten! Messi shall be remembered as the best player of all time in centuries to come, all Frenchy will be remembered for is well… NOTHING!!! so sit down and shut up!!!

  33. abc

    wait, this is a prank right? the great fc barcelona wouldn’t wear that terrible thing!

  34. ger

    am scottish mr french being scottish a support rangers a.k.a most successful team in the world 54 league titles but a like bayern munich man city and barca dis barca when real madrid have just a white strip every season.
    but when you think about it barca aren’t good in defensivly so they aren’t the best in the world but they are the best attacking.
    tell me one thing have you heard of Rangers

  35. Mr Italy

    I love Adidas and hate Nike because of this pile of dog crap how anyone can wear this without spewing should get knighted

  36. scouserD

    @Mr French
    lol mate, he just scored a hattrick for argentina against barcelona. Im a liverpool fan and there is no doubt that he is the most amazing footballer that has ever lived. You can tell that cos the only way teams can deal with him is if theyre dirty and over physical and even then only chelsea inter milan and real madrid have been able to control him with their negative and borin tactics, and they cant even control him every time, only on the odd occasion. argentinian players are nowhere near as good as barcelona players too, imagine if messi was on the spanish team, no doubt he would be the ultimate international player that has ever lived

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