Official- New England Euro 2012 Kit- England 2012-2013 Home Shirt

This is the official new England home Euro 2012 kit, England’s new home shirt to be worn during 2012/2013 as well at the European Championships. We had posted leaked photos of the new England kit and the official photos confirm the leak. Umbro were due to release the new England Euro 2012 top on 29 February, but were forced to advance the date after footballer Joey Barton posted photos of the kit on his official Twitter handle.

This new England Euro 2012 kit is inspired by the St.George flag design.

New England Euro 2012 Top

New England Euro 2012 Kit

England Euro 2012 Shirt

13 thoughts on “Official- New England Euro 2012 Kit- England 2012-2013 Home Shirt

  1. Techaine

    What happened to the traditional blue? This loks rather cheap,and I wish they’d do away with the buttons.

  2. CharltonAFCfan

    Its exactly the same as last years but with red. I still cant belive we are still with umbro, there the biggest failures at making kits. I mean look at city and how plain theres is, ffs umbro hire someone with bloody imagination.

  3. Timeteller

    This jersey has more class than any of u and I would love 2 see 1 of u create a jersey that the hole world will see and the hole england squad would wear stop criticizing and encourage more

  4. nufcronnie

    @techaine traditional blue? Take a quick look at the national flag. Where’s the blue on that? This is the first kit in years to show englands real colours so fair play to Umbri!


    not the best of kits but umbro stays umbro not umbri “nufcronnie” 🙂
    more important will england win euro 2012 in this kit? never!!
    (hate saying it). and we all know the reasons why.

  6. wimbledon

    boring…for me england best home kit for all time is during france 98…then japorea 02…real classic…

  7. diskodave

    Umbro have made boring kits for the past few years, we need a new design and Nike might do this. Need a brighter and more outstanding kit. Get the 3 lions onto the shirt and not just on the badge.

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