New Reading Kit 2015 16

Reading FC New Kit 2015/16- Carabao Reading Home Shirt 15/16

This is the new Reading FC home strip 15/16, Reading’s new kit for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Puma, the new Royals home shirt was officially unveiled on July 3, 2015 and features a new sponsor in the form of Thailand based drinks company Carabao, who replace Waitrose on the front of the jersey.

The strip will first see action when Reading take on a Thailand All Stars side in Bangkok on Wednesday, July 8, 2015.

Reading finished 19th in the Championship in 2014/15, but reached the semifinals of the FA Cup, where they lost to eventual winners Arsenal

The shirt features Reading’s iconic hoops, which also go around the back, as can be seen in the pic below. Blue shorts and white socks complete the look of the new Reading 2015/2016 home kit.

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New Reading Kit 2015 16

Carabao Reading Shirt 2015 2016

12 thoughts on “Reading FC New Kit 2015/16- Carabao Reading Home Shirt 15/16

  1. Sean

    Hoops all the way around is good, but that sponsor is BAD.

    Maybe that’s why that first promo shot had such poor lighting!

    None of the players look very happy in it.

  2. Luke Y

    Barring the sponsor it’s a pretty smart shirt. Not much you can really do with hoops, is there?

  3. Bacon

    Dammit, if that had waitrose on it, that would have been the best shirt they have had in ages

  4. Albert

    I Pefer Q.P.R home kit template in the way the hoops are on that kit to the way Puma have went about putting this template together for Reading.

    Puma have not produced any great kits since the last world cup.

    The sponsors logo is a very sharp cuting edge modern logo and for me it is the only great thing this kit has going for it and that is never something any team in any sport shoud want to here because that means you are geting a lot wrong
    with your kits so less cash to spend on new players.

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