Partick Thistle Shirt 2015 2016

New Partick Thistle Strip 15-16 Joma Partick Thistle Home Kit 2015-16

This is the new Partick Thistle kit 2015/2016, PTFC’s new home top for the upcoming Scottish Premier League season. Made by Joma, the new Jags home strip was officially unveiled on June 30, 2015 at George Square in Glasgow.

The shirt features a new sponsor in the form of US based investment company Kingsford Capital Management and their logo on the shirt has been designed exclusively for Thistle by Turner Prize nominated artist, David Shrigley, who has also created the club’s new mascot Kingsley (also named after the sponsor). The logo is definitely worth a second look- not the type of logo you’d expect from an investment firm.

Mike Wilkins, one of the founders of Kingsford Capital, brought in Shrigley, and the latter being a Thistle fan, was only too happy to create an eye catching design. However it has courted controversy, with some dubbing the mascot a “Lisa Simpson” lookalike and Danish organization OOA accusing Shrigley of infringing their “smiling sun” logo.

The sponsorship deal is apparently a six figure one, according to sources in the know, and will aid Thistle

Partick Thistle finished 8th in the SPL in 2014/15, thus securing top flight football for a third straight season.

The likes of Dan Seaborne, Tomas Cerny, Ryan Stevenson and Kris Doolan were present at the kit launch.

Partick Thistle Shirt 2015 2016

New Partick Thistle Strip 15 16

Partick Thistle Kit 2015 16

Partick Thistle Shirt Back

14 thoughts on “New Partick Thistle Strip 15-16 Joma Partick Thistle Home Kit 2015-16

  1. Sean

    Are they serious with that sponsor’s logo? The “business” with a letter cancelled? And this is an investment company we’re talking about. Wall Street folks having a logo like that?

    Name on the back should be straight and fit within the yellow stripe/hoop. Looks weird sticking out like that.

  2. JonLCFC

    Terrible kit to go along with an awfully misjudged logo and mascot. Utterly embarrassing all round

  3. Dan

    It would be bad enough watching Partick week in, week out without having to digest such an awful kit!

  4. Dave the rave

    Must be just me that thinks that’s the best Partick Thistle home strip for years.

  5. flicktokick

    The shirt is great, but the sponsor is a bombscare – n fact pretty much a visual representation of a bombscare.

    I would have preferred black – or even white – shorts, but that’s a small detail.

  6. Albert

    The Jags are haveing a laugh with this thing they call the new home kit are they not folks ?.

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