Football Kit Sponsorship Statistics 2014-15

Football Shirt Sponsorship Statistics 2014-15- Jersey sponsors in top European Leagues

Repucom have published an interesting report detailing money invested into shirt sponsorship in Europe’s top football leagues for the 2014/15 season.

The report, which features data for England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Holland, says that the total investment into jersey sponsorship for the 2014/15 season (across each nation’s top division) was around 687 million euros, a 20% rise over the 2013/14 season figure of 570 million. It also makes an interesting observation about the MLS, and its sponsorship in comparison to the top European Leagues.

Which football league has the highest amount of shirt sponsors (by monetary value)?

The answer is England’s Premier League, with a total of 213 million euros for the 2014/15 season, an increase of 36% over last season’s 157 million euro figure. A bulk of this 36% has been made by Manchester United’s new sponsorship deal with Chevrolet.

Football Kit Sponsorship Statistics 2014-15

Germany’s Bundesliga comes second, with 139 million euros, although it also had the smallest increase in all the leagues that had positive appreciation. Germany (9%) came behind England (36%), Spain (30%), Italy (21%) and France (13%). The Netherlands had a fall, with total investments falling by 5% from last season’s figure. Repucom also mentions that the MLS has overtaken the Eredivisie, with the 45 million euros invested across the Atlantic beating the 42 million figure for the Dutch top flight.

Foreign investment in jersey sponsorship is the highest in Spain, with non Spanish companies accounting for 86% of jersey sponsorships. The figure remains above 50% for England and France, close to 50% for Italy, and around 20% for both Germany and Spain.

Foreign Investment Football Shirt Sponsorship

Across Europe, UAE firms now invest the most in shirt sponsorship, beating German firms to second spot.

Football Shirt Sponsorship by Country

The total income from jersey sponsorship has really shown a spike from 2008/09, highlighting the impact the Middle East firms have had.

Shirt Sponsorship Figures by season

The whole report can be bought from Repucom’s site (contains detailed stats on the value of jersey sponsorships for 116 European clubs) for 4900 Euros + VAT.

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  1. Sean

    Just goes to show how bad the Spanish economy is, that 86% of their jersey sponsorship $$$ comes from abroad.

    Surprised to see that Italy’s sponsorship figures are far lower than France’s. Would’ve assumed Serie A to be a more popular league than Ligue 1. Wouldn’t Milan, Juve and Inter/Roma be more popular than PSG, Marseille and Lyon?

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