New West Bromwich Albion Kit 2013-14 Adidas WBA Home Strip 13-14

This is the new Albion home kit 2013/14, West Bromwich Albion’s new home kit for the forthcoming Premier League season. The new WBA home kit has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on July 12, 2013 by the Baggies. The club have already revealed their 13/14 season away kit.

The striped top is paired with blue shorts, which is sure to displease some die hard Albion fans, and striped shorts, as can be seen in the pics below.

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Albion Home Kit 13 14

Albion Home Kit

Albion Home Shirt 2013

New WBA Home Kit 2013 14

WBA Home Shorts

WBA Home Socks

West Bromwich Albion Home Kit

21 thoughts on “New West Bromwich Albion Kit 2013-14 Adidas WBA Home Strip 13-14

  1. Sean

    Bat wings check
    Standard template check
    Big nice box for Zoopla logo check
    Blue shorts check

    And of course, just £50.

    Oh yes, I expect Albion fans to be very happy with this kit.

  2. Dio Can

    Too shiny shiny. Should be a more sexual blue. You know, tipping the wink.
    A matt finish. I don’t want to be able to see my handsome face reflected in the shirt.

    I don’t support West Brom though

  3. Les Glum

    I like what they’ve done with the collar ! Nice to see something new. Strangely , the “bat wings” don’t look so bad on this shirt, can’t explain why! I wonder if the striped shirts with hooped socks might be a step too far but on the whole , I like it !

  4. JonLCFC

    So now because of the dark navy socks and shorts the away kit is just about redundant. And the bat-wing template AGAIN. Well done, Adidas

  5. Big Red

    At first I taught that template wasn’t great (the bat wings don’t bother, they look ok) the badge bothered me though it looked tto low when the shirt was pictured on its own, but finally seeing it on a person makes it look pretty good. I like it.

  6. karen creber

    not a fan of this template but looks ok in this colourway-better than addidas effort for milan!

  7. joe talbot

    i like the new wba kit looks smart the socks look a bit jazzy but nice i also like the away strip i may buy both

  8. Robbie

    Only west brom can pull off this template! Looks shit on any other team! The only decent template that adidas have this season is the one chelsea and bayern are using!

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