New Bordeaux Away Kit 13-14 Puma FCGB Jersey 2013-2014 Atlantique

This is the new Bordeaux away kit 2013/14, French club Girondins de Bordeaux’s new away strip for the forthcoming 13/14 Ligue 1 season. This new Bordeaux change kit was officially unveiled on May 9, 2013 by FCGB with the “Maillot Atlantique” description to reflect its design.

This new Bordeaux away shirt has been made by Puma and sponsored by KIA Motors.

Maillot Atlantique FCGB 2013

New Bordeaux Away Kit 13 14

Bordeaux Atlantique Kit

17 thoughts on “New Bordeaux Away Kit 13-14 Puma FCGB Jersey 2013-2014 Atlantique

  1. Carl

    This would be fine . . . if it were a rash guard a 13 year-old girl could wear to the beach. For a football shirt, this is instantly in the pantheon of worst kits ever designed.

  2. Chris

    I’m an Arsenal fan. I’m scared that puma will make horrible kits like this when they have contract making their kits!

  3. Marc L

    Awful, true, but not incredibly out of character for the French League (look at some of the crap Evian has worn in recent years.)

  4. Sean


    If Puma do something like this for Arsenal, their contract won’t go beyond a single season.

    But they won’t, it’s only for the Frenchies that such kits are made. Some of the Top 14 rugby shirts are similar ( eg Stade)

  5. mus

    Dammit…. Why are french people looks so gay….just search ‘stade francais jersey’

  6. subkey

    i like it.. unusual.. diffenrent.. not a ‘generic’ nike/adidas
    there’s a reason why puma put flowers on it..

  7. sanchez

    ye bit arsenal arent that gd and u were only good when your team was french at least the team i support make good players and play good football nad have nice kits (southampton)

  8. matt

    Why are some of you even looking at this article if you’re taking the crap out of the French league and the entire nation? Yes it looks horrible but why are you on here taking crap out on the entire league because of this one small mistake?

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