New Wolves Kit Puma 2013-2014- Wolverhampton Wanderers Home Shirt Purple Away Kit 13-14

These are the new Wolves kits 2013/14, Championship club Wolverhampton Wanderers’ new strips for the 13/14 season. The new Wolves kits have been made by Puma, (the first as part of a new deal) and were unveiled on April 23, 2013. The new WWFC tops also feature a new sponsor in the form of What House?, who replace Sportingbet.

The new Wolves home shirt sticks to its traditional colours, with sponsors What House changing their lettering from red to black for the shirt. The away kit is purple in colour with white trim, as can be seen in the pic’s below.

The designs for the two new Wolverhampton goalie kits for 2013/2014 were also unveiled.

Whathouse Wolves Kit 2013

New Wolves Puma Shirts 13 14

Wolverhampton New Kit 2013 2014

Purple Wolves Shirt 2013

24 thoughts on “New Wolves Kit Puma 2013-2014- Wolverhampton Wanderers Home Shirt Purple Away Kit 13-14

  1. Charles

    Strange detailing of (and around) the collars but not too bad overall. Good to see a sponsor allowing their logo to be changed to fit the shirts.

  2. Steve

    Glad to see that sportingbet no longer sponsor the shirts. Due to legislation, under 18’s shirts didn’t get the sponsor name on – which of course kids love – now they will.

    Kit itself looks like a missed opportunity to me. Having changed supplier from Burrda, i was expecting Wolves/Puma to come out with something a bit special. Bland styling, and funny collar detail don’t do enough to lift it above mediocre at best.

  3. Tim

    “* League One Wolverhampton Wanderers 2013-14 shirts”

    This. When the club’s not even sure whether it’s going to stay in the Championship, why on earth are they dumping shirts on the supporters so early ? With the turmoil the supporters are going through, doesn’t make sense to release a kit, and certainly not one which is oh so average.

  4. skeel hart

    no that nice, especially the away kit….
    puma not coming up with good stuffs lately. disappointing

  5. Mystery Man

    I don’t like the two-stripe template that much. This is maybe a little too early of a release for a side facing relegation.

  6. chris bramley

    this will probably be one of the classiest kits in league one *sniggers*

  7. boinger

    chris bramley :this will probably be one of the classiest kits in league one *sniggers*

    Stop sniggering…they can feel proud of having the best kit/stadium in League 1. (bwaaaaaaaaahaaahaaa)

  8. Forna

    actually, am I the only one who likes the away kit? looks nice and different, and the home kit has some nice touch ups. I do however agree that they shouldn’t be focusing on new kits when the club goes through rough times with relegation.

  9. Robert Paddock

    I don’t know about what house ? More like what league ? Our seasons just lately have been shocking!!!! But I like them all but the home one is one of the nicest I’ve seen and I’ve been a Wolves fan for 40 years

  10. jrmy

    i hate this template but this kit isnt bad :/ i like the home kit but the other kits are rubbish

  11. Wfc fan

    Rubbish shirts for an **** club. Try harder next year puma to make them **** like the club.

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