New Liverpool Third Kit 12-13- Warrior Sports Liverpool Third Shirt 2012-2013 Nightshade Orange

This is Liverpool’s new 2012/13 third kit, Liverpool FC’s new third shirt for the 2012/2013 season. The new LFC third kit 12/13 has been made by Warrior Sports and was officially unveiled by the club on 5th July, 2012. In the words of the club, the new LFC 3rd strip is nightshade, orange and white and takes inspiration from past goalie kits worn by David James in the 1994-95 & 95-96 seasons and Pepe Reina in the 2010/11 season.

Liverpool’s new third kit had been leaked prior to the kit’s official release, and those leaks proved to be correct as the photos below of the kit will tell you. The strip will be mostly used for Europa League games and select Premier League fixtures.

Liverpool, for the record, have already unveiled their new home and away 2012/13 kits.

Strikers Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez are here seen modelling the new Liverpool third kit 12/13.

Luis Suarez 2012 Liverpool Shirt

New Liverpool Third Kit 12-13

LFC Third Shirt Back

Liverpool Third Shirt 2013

LFC Third Kit

Andy Carroll Liverpool 2012 Jersey

See other already 2012/13 released Premier League kits here.

50 thoughts on “New Liverpool Third Kit 12-13- Warrior Sports Liverpool Third Shirt 2012-2013 Nightshade Orange

  1. mikem

    Not bad, I like it. Something different is always nice but the sleeve design has an odd approach to it. Nonetheless, puts a bold statement for Liverpool.

  2. gazza

    ugly what the hell is going on with kits these days. simple is best, what the hell is that tattoo looking shit on the arm

  3. littlelee-MUFC

    Purple, orange, white, yellow and a bit of grey on the sleeves, this has to be the worst kit this season

  4. Pedrothfc

    When I saw a leaked photo of this shirt I though someone was taking the p***, but the only people doing that are the designers at warrior sports. If I see anyone in the street wearing it won’t be able to stop myself laughing at them. Poor Liverpool fans!!!!!

  5. Mr French

    Totally American… They make everything look like a faddish item in America… The people of the states have been trained that when a product breaks or a new product comes out that quickly replaces the old one, we don’t demand more out of what we buy… We simply go to the store like the consumer zombies we’ve been trained to be and purchase a new one… This is what you are seeing here… There’s no thought put into this kit because the folks at warrior are trapped in this cycle… This is what happens when you go American… Land of the consumer… Warrior haven’t a clue about football culture, they’ve only been told to produce a shirt… And here it is…

  6. gooner boy 1981

    not to my taste, but i’m sure many will like its ‘out there’ design, the market a lot third kits seem to be aimed at these days. i like America, despite its foibles, though even some of their own seem not to.

  7. abc

    @Mr French

    Mr. French stop insulting americans. we arent stupid, and you dont know about us so be quiet.

    but u r right about warrior knowing nothing about football (they make lacrosse stuff!)

  8. Pat_768

    Thought the whole point of reverting to the old badge was to promote a ‘retro’ look not this…

  9. Oscar

    5 champions leagues, 18 premiership titles, 8 carling cups and 7 fa cups! In your dirty everyone face!

  10. gav666

    i saw this and was hoping it wasnt real pile of shit home and away are nice though

  11. Mr French

    @abc… Never said Americans are stupid… I happen to be one… A French American, to be exact… Just our ideas of consume, consume, consume, is what has our country in the shape it’s in… Sooner or later, you have to pay the bill!!! And like it or not, THIS IS A S#*T KIT!!! just read what everyone is saying…

  12. Heskey

    The only Liverpool kit this season that doesn’t look like a wetsuit. Still, it’s wank. And they got The Racist Golem and No Goal Carrol to model it. Bad job.

  13. ejl

    3 Champions League’s 19 prem’s 19 community shields 11 Fa Cups 4 Carling cups 1 European cup winners cup 1 FIFA club world cup 1 intercontinental cup beat that @Oscar

  14. Matrix

    F00king HIDEOUS!!! The person who “designed” this must have been on acid or something, it beggers belief why anybody would want to wear this abomination. A five year old could have done better job. Oh well, its only Liverpool…

  15. keith-lfc

    Home kit – 8/10
    Away kit – 7/10
    Third kit – 4/10
    Not the worst kit I ever seen,but wont be paying for it…

  16. Gregory

    I guess I’m one of the few that likes it. Definitely better than the away kits which looks like a wet suit.

  17. Karthik

    Liverpool kits :

    Home kit – 9/10 – Nailed it.
    Away kit – 5/10 – WTF !
    Third kit – 6/10 – Not bad.

  18. ejl

    Liverpool Kit ratings

    Home: 7/10 quite boring
    Away: 4/10 Looks like a wetsuit
    Third: 1/10 Worst kit ever

  19. gerrardlfc

    love the home kit but third and away kit are the worst kit im gonna like spurs home jersey better than liverpool away and third kits

  20. Carl H

    gerrardlfc :
    lfc home kit de best where the hell is adidas we got warrirs crap

    You guys dumped them because Warrior offered significantly more cash.
    Good move business wise, but look at the rags they’ve produced for you this season 😛

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