New Stoke City Kits 2012-2013- Adidas Stoke Home Away Shirts 12-13

This is the new Stoke City Kit 2012/2013, Stoke City’s new home and away shirts for the forthcoming 2012/13 Premier League season. Stoke City’s new 2012/13 kits have been made by Adidas and were officially unveiled by SCFC on 8 May, 2012.

Stoke’s new 2012/2013 kits feature a new sponsor in the form of Bet365, who take over from Britannia.

Stoke’s new home shirt for 2012/13 will continue to be traditional, but it is the away top that’s taken many by surprise, with Adidas opting for a red and blue striped look a la Barcelona/Crystal Palace.

Stoke City’s current chairman, Peter Coates, was the founder of Bet365. His daughter Denise Coates is the joint executive of the company.

Stoke 150th Anniversary Crest

New Stoke Away Kit

New Bet365 Stoke Kit 2012-13

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23 thoughts on “New Stoke City Kits 2012-2013- Adidas Stoke Home Away Shirts 12-13

  1. Vicki

    Big step up for SCFC- bet365 are an international brand

    but theoretically speaking, isn’t coates simply putting more of his own money back into the club?

  2. Iceman

    Don’t like the away kit, can’t see it being used against the red teams, lfc, mu, arsenal…

  3. wolfeman

    the home kit looks the same as always, the away looks very nice i think. the sponsor fits well with the stripes and colours on the away.

  4. ben w

    didnt like it when i saw it this morning it gets better everytime i see it (scfc 4 life!)

  5. Dave

    Shame – missed opportunity in our 150th anniversary season. Thought the black/blue stripes this year may have been a precursor to the black/blue hoops of Stoke Ramblers as an away kit for next season.

  6. Stokie

    The away kit is blue and red because it is the 150th anniversery of Stoke and Stoke’s first ever kit was blue and red.

  7. Alex

    This is exactly the same as the kit Newcastle had for the Championship 3 seasons ago, apart from the obvious colour changes. Lazy.

  8. Bob

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best strip i have seen so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job by adidas! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Mr French

    Hey Jon, your what we call in America a classic hater… I’m a Chelsea man myself, but adidas always seem to produce a dope kit… Just look at the champions of Europe’s new kit… Absolument beautiful…

  10. Rob

    same kit as argentina in world cup 2010, and the blue and red remind me of barcelona, is it a sign messi is comein down stoke?, fan dabby dosie duk lol

    and Jon, go hump a horse, if you don’t like stoke (probs from jealousy), don’t look at us

    We’ll play how we want!

  11. James

    oooooooooooh yeeeeeaaaaah!! prematurely ejaculating!!! its like the beautiful swansea away kit!!! blue and red, and green and red are two of the best combinations!

  12. Mr French

    Right on James!!! You have a brother in the states… A fellow CHELSEA brother… I look forward to seeing the blues at Yankee stadium in July…

  13. Holden

    OMG I’m not a stoke fan but this is the best kit in the premier league, man city looks like its been dragged out of a dustbin 50 years ago- disappointed as i loved there last kit, liverpools is nice but looks like they ran out of money half way through, arsenals- they went 1 step forward with kit design last year but there future kits taken them 70 steps back, Man u’s kit is decent although bit plain and QPR we are in 2012 not 2000.

  14. Holden

    I dont support stoke either but im not the sad one who comments on every other teams to put them down. Jesus, either you have no life or you have too much time to hate on your hands.

  15. gooner boy1981

    had to google image ‘drake’-smarmy looking beast would fit right in at The Bidge!!!

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