Official- New Arsenal Jersey 2012-2013- Nike Arsenal Home Kit 12-13

This is the new Arsenal jersey 2012/2013, English Premier League club Arsenal FC’s new home strip for the 2012/13 season. Arsenal’s new 2012/2013 jersey has been made by Nike and was officially unveiled by the club on 7 May, 2012.

This release of Arsenal’s new 2012/2013 home jersey confirms the leaked pictures of the shirt we had posted earlier.

The Gunners have introduced a blue hoop detail onto the sleeve inspired by the socks worn by the side coached by Herbert Chapman during the 1930’s.

The likes of Robin Van Persie and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are here seen modelling Arsenal’s new home top for 2012/2013.

Fly Emirates remain the principal sponsors of the new Arsenal home kit 12/13, which retains its white and red look.

Arsenal also launched a jersey launch video for the new kit that can be seen below.

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New Arsenal Kit 2012-2013

Robin Van Persie Arsenal 2013

New Arsenal Jersey 2012

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Arsenal Jersey 2013

31 thoughts on “Official- New Arsenal Jersey 2012-2013- Nike Arsenal Home Kit 12-13

  1. Kob

    So the leaked pics of the top were correct.

    I didn’t like the leaked pics and I don’t like this one either.

    Bad effort Nike- the sleeves are just, just…. no words to be honest

  2. Still 3rd!

    It’s growing on me, official pictures make it look marginally better. Blue neck still looks wierd, but the use of blue isn’t unusual, when we first had white sleeves we had blue hoops on the socks for nearly 30 years, check out our old kits here


  3. gooner71

    Sack the nike designer who thought this was a good idea,Lets stop buying all this new rubbish at £50 a pop and keep wearing our old favourite shirts and most cases a ledgends name on the back !

  4. charkzdcheshire

    did they took the red & black stripe from manchester united white jersey n slap it on this?

    talk about effort there mate… -.- “

  5. RVF

    Awes0me kit…
    But definitely looks like united..
    Hope arsenal sign c0ntract wif adidas..

  6. craig

    it’s decent! they have done detailing too which is a decent touch, like the thing on the back, the little target-like thing fits with the kit etc.

  7. Gunner

    Thats is just horrible, thats the best nike could come up with, please don’t make it official, unless its too late 🙁

  8. Shashi Shrestha

    the new kit is wack!!! whats up with the band in sleeves……. looks like french flag

  9. David

    the look quite fitted which I don’t really like. they can’t even be ticked in the look so short and the design is bland

  10. Wayne

    Awful… awful kit!! I’m with others on here, I love the retro stuff so I will happily sport my 71 shirt for another season

  11. ray

    you’re all whack. This is not an ugly kit. you’ll all be loving it by the time October comes around.

  12. Dlooonie

    The Arsenal kit is fabulous… it grows with you.

    About time to open my wallet again, since the previous ones were average and an act of defiance against the selfish board.

  13. init

    just as i thought the gunners couldnt get any franceier, they put their flag on their kit.
    vive la france…

  14. Harald Heinrich

    Pathetic! Looks like a 70s high school football jersey. Who’s responsible? Just check with adidas…they have their s*** together!!

  15. Mr French

    Those horrible looking horizontal stripes are hideous… There’s only one brand that can pull off stripes… Adidas is the brand for football… I laugh at this kit every time i see it… Hope other teams can hold a straight face while playing against them…

  16. Barrett Fischer

    Kit is okay I say, change is always good and the blue doesn’t look too horrible. Loved the video though, very cool.

  17. Chris

    Why is everyone saying that it looks that a stupid Manchester United kit! The sleeve isn’t black, it’s navy blue. It’s also a nice kit too so stop saying that it looks like a man u kit or it’s a bad kit because it isn’t!

  18. spidey

    just ok..nothing great..for me arsenal best home kit in recent years is 2006/07 and 2007/08 kit…

  19. yahya

    i like the end bit soo funny and the kit is asacly the same wats the point sayin its the 2012/2013 kit so wierd

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