Barcelona Away Kit Green 10-11 Nike

Along with the new home strip, Spanish giants FC Barcelona have also unveiled a new green away kit for the 10/11 La Liga season.

The new Barca away shirt, as you can see in the picture below, is primarily green in colour, with the Blaugrana colours ( blue and deep red) across the chest. Barcelona last wore a green away kit in the 1993/94 season.

Like in the home kit, the Catalan flag ( Senyera) is present at the back of the shirt.

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12 thoughts on “Barcelona Away Kit Green 10-11 Nike

  1. omar barca

    i do not like this at all, shocked as i was when i first saw it i prefer the home kit. i would rather them have a blue away kit instead. They should at least take the barca strip of the chest and leave it all green. hopefully this isn’t the official release because it isn’t on thier website.

  2. Football Kit News Post author


    This is the official Barca away kit.

    It has been released on their website.

  3. Roy Barca

    I like the design n the colour… what we know all the away kit always with different colour with other…

  4. paulcfc

    it differant but brilliant it was worth a go and it was a risk not everyone likes this mix of colours but i think its been a hit and you can tell by most of the comments…

  5. RTR

    @declan, NO, it is definitely pale green. I bought it for my son when in Spain recently. There are some around in this design in light blue, but these are fakes.

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