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Serie A Kit Rights 2019-20 | Contract value & Duration | Juventus & Adidas worth 51m, Milan next best with 15m

Here is a look at the value of the shirt contracts Italian Serie A clubs have with their respective kit makers for the 2019/20 campaign. The figures below show the value of the deal in euros per season plus the year the association began and the end year of the kit contract.

Who has the biggest kit deal in Serie A in 19/20?

Not surprisingly, it is Juventus, whose kit contract with Adidas is worth a whopping €51m (51 million euros) per season. Juve’s deal with Adidas is more than three times bigger than their nearest competitors- AC Milan, whose deal with Puma is worth €15m a year. Juve are also the only top flight club in Italy with an Adidas deal- no other Serie A outfit wears the three stripes.

Which is the club with the longest existing kit deal in Serie A (for 2019/20)

The club with the longest existing shirt partner is Inter, whose deal with Nike goes back to 1998. There are rumours that the Nerrazzurri will change partners in the near future, but their current contract with Nike (till 2024) is worth €10m a season.

Table with Serie A kit deal value and contract duration for 19/20 season

ClubKit partnerValue/season (euros)FromTill
Brescia Kappa600,00020192025
FiorentinaLe Coq Sportif2.5m20162020
Inter MilanNike10m19982024
AC MilanPuma15m20182023
Hellas VeronaMacron1.2m20182023
LecceM908Self Produced2018

Sorted by value (highest to lowest)

Juventus- €51m (Adidas)
AC Milan- €15m (Puma)
Inter Milan- €10m (Nike)
SSC Napoli- €8m (Kappa)
AS Roma- €5m (Nike)
SS Lazio- €3.5m (Macron)
Atalanta- €2.5m (Joma)
Fiorentina-€2.5m (LCS)
Torino- €2m (Joma)
Sampdoria- €1.7m (Joma)
Bologna- €1.5m (Macron)
Cagliari- €1.5m (Macron)
Genoa- €1.5m (Kappa)
Udinese- €1.3m (Macron)
Verona- €1.2m (Macron)
Parma- €850,000 (Errea)
Brescia- €600,000 (Kappa)
SPAL- €600,000 (Macron)
Sassuolo- €600,000 (Kappa)
Lecce- Self Produced

Which Italian Serie A clubs have their kit contracts expiring at the end of the 19/20 season?

Sampdoria and Fiorentina both have their current jersey deals expiring at the end of the current campaign. Samp are expected to switch from Joma to Macron, while Fiorentina are rumoured to be making the shift from Le Coq Sportif to Kappa.

What is the value of Napoli’s current kit deal with Kappa?

Napoli have the fourth biggest kit contract in Serie A after Juve and the two Milan clubs, with their deal with Kappa earning the Partenopei €8m a season.

Which Serie A clubs have the lowest kit deals?

For the current 19/20 season, the clubs with the smallest kit deals are Brescia, Sassuolo and SPAL. The trio each have a 600,000 deal with their respective manufacturers (Kappa/Macron)

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  1. AB

    So Juve’s kit deal is as much as all other teams in the top ten of that list put together. Stunning figures, and perhaps all down to Ronaldo.

    Sad for Serie A equality though.

    Inter also undervalued a fair bit- their 10m deal (perhaps due an upgrade) is roughly the same as Everton’s new deal with Hummel.

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