New Bolton Home Shirt 2015/2016- Bolton Wanderers Kit ROK Mobile Sponsorship

This is the new Bolton home shirt 2015/16, BWFC’s new home strip for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Macron, the new Bolton jersey was officially revealed on June 24, 2015.

The shirt features a new sponsor in the form of ROK Mobile, who replace Fibrlec. ROK have signed a two year deal with the Trotters.

The shirt’s predominantly white, as you’d expect, and features a special design on the collar and neckline to represent the club’s Lancashire rose.

The reverse of the shirt carries BWFC lettering, with an elephant motif also embossed on the same side.

The shirt is paired with navy shorts, while the socks are navy blue with white and red trim.

Bolton finished 18th in the Championship in 2014/15- a poor season for the Trotters as they ended up far away from the playoff places.

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New Bolton Home Kit 2015 16

ROK Mobile Bolton Shirt

Bolton Home Shirt Back

Elephant Motif Bolton Wanderers

9 thoughts on “New Bolton Home Shirt 2015/2016- Bolton Wanderers Kit ROK Mobile Sponsorship

  1. gary

    ive seen worse kits but the advertising is awful, looks like a picture you would see on the front of packaging you get with a cheap Halloween costume

  2. Deepdale

    Ah the old stock response of “the sponsor spoils it” How? Surely, since having sponsors on shirts since the 1980’s we should be used to them now. It fits in with the colour scheme, isn’t that big and is not intrusive.

    Lazy response and bores the t*ts off me

  3. Moza

    I think the red flash around the colour looks poor. I can’t see an issue with the sponsor logo as it’s neatly integrated.

  4. ajPAFC

    Fantastic effort,like the collar design something different and again tapered cuffs.probably the best kit thus far.

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