New Peru Kits 14/15- Umbro Peru Home Away Jerseys 2014/15

These are the new Peruvian national team uniforms, made by Umbro. The kits will make their debut in the country’s upcoming friendlies against England and Switzerland.

Umbro Peru Soccer Jersey 2014 2015

New Peru Kit 2014 15

Peru Away Soccer Jersey 14 15

Peru Away Kit Back

Peru Away Shirt 2014 15

14 thoughts on “New Peru Kits 14/15- Umbro Peru Home Away Jerseys 2014/15

  1. Les Glum

    Very nice kits, I love the subtle Red sash in the away kit !

    Why is it that Peru can have Umbro kit but England have Nike !

    We should always have Umbro !

  2. Joe Kyle

    @Les Glum- I agree England should have Umbro, half the Premier League should have umbro, nice kit.

  3. Vince

    Nothing revolutionary, but it proves umbro is still able to make some nice kits! Feels nice that my country (Canada) has them as designer!

  4. karen creber

    just shows how good kits are when they are plain and simple….less is more!.

  5. deriksenna

    Great kits.
    Judging by the look of the previous England kit,its a massive leap forward for Umbro

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