New FC Koln Kit 14-15- Erima Cologne Home Jersey 2014-15

This is the new FC Koeln kit 2014/15, newly promoted Bundesliga side Cologne’s new jersey for the upcoming 14/15 Bundesliga season. Koln won the 2.Bundesliga in 2013/14 to win promotion to the German top flight. The new Koln kit has been made by Erima and was officially unveiled on 4 May, 2014

FC Koln Jersey 2014 2015

FC Koeln Shirt 2014 2015

New Koln Home Kit 14 15

8 thoughts on “New FC Koln Kit 14-15- Erima Cologne Home Jersey 2014-15

  1. Alex85k

    Wow, all of you are really, really stupid. Its not a monaco kit. Its a retro shirt, like thge one, that was used in the late 60´s.
    Whats wrong with u? Some club gets a red shirt: “Ohhhh Liverpool! Bayern! Man United!”
    Some club has a blue shirt: “Ohhhhh Chelsea, Schalke!”
    Get a life!

  2. Merry Christmas

    They just don’t know their football history mate. Simpletons proliferate unfortunately.

  3. ajc70

    Are Koln becoming the feeder club for AS Monaco ? That would explain this new kit design.

  4. murphman

    Very nice. A nice nod to the past: flickr(dot)com/photos/13877445@N06/3932586687/in/set-72157622283589059

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