New Italy World Cup 2014 Kits- Puma Italia Home and Away Jerseys 2014/15

These are the new Italian shirts 14/15, Italy’s new home and away World Cup kits by Puma. The new Azzurri uniforms were officially unveiled on March 3, 2014. The kits use Puma’s new revolutionary PWR ACTV technology, using both athletic taping and compression, to provide micro-massages to the skin and maximise performance

The blue shirt is Italy’s new home kit, with the white one set to serve as an alternate kit. Gigi Buffon is also seen modelling the new goalie uniform.

Buffon Italia Maglia Mondiali 2014

Italy World Cup Shirt 2014

Italy Away Jersey 2014 15

Italy White Jersey WC

New Italy World Cup Kits 2014

Mario Balotelli Italy World Cup Shirt 2014

Buffon Italy GK Jersey World Cup 2014

10 thoughts on “New Italy World Cup 2014 Kits- Puma Italia Home and Away Jerseys 2014/15

  1. Paulie

    As usual, pure class – especially the home one. It would be unlike Italy to turn up for a major tournament looking anything but dapper, and Puma haven’t disappointed here.

  2. shane

    classiest kits of the World cup, would expect nothing less from Italy! Russia is the only kit that comes close to this!

  3. Creosote

    a beautiful away kit by Puma. this is possibly the only time i’ve admired their goalie ‘bullseye’ template on Buffon. the home kit’s design is somewhat conservative.

  4. Zack

    They should’ve had balotelli looking mean for a better effect he just looks a bit different sort of weird

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