New Puma Arsenal Home Kit 2014/2015- Arsenal Puma Home Shirt 14/15 Leaked

Click here to see pics of the new Arsenal Puma kits, officially released 10th July, 2014.

This is what is widely rumoured to be the new Arsenal Puma home kit for 2014/15. Puma, as we all know, have inked an £30m/year deal to replace Nike as Arsenal’s kit partners from next season, adding the Gunners to their existing Premier League portfolio that also includes Cardiff City and Newcastle United. Arsenal have had a two decade long association with Nike, switching to them from Adidas in 1994

As always, whether or not, this is the real deal will be confirmed next season when Arsenal and Puma officially unveil the kit.

The first pics of the kit being leaked came from a photo featuring sprinting legend Linford Christie and former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry. A new full length photo of the kit has been leaked more recently, and they appear to be the real deal.

Last updated June 28, 2014 (pics of the jersey on sale in China and on a very reputable UK retailer)

Arsenal China

Arsenal FC Puma Leak

Henry Linford Christie Arsenal Kit Leak 2014 2015

Leaked Arsenal Puma Home Shirt 14 15

18 thoughts on “New Puma Arsenal Home Kit 2014/2015- Arsenal Puma Home Shirt 14/15 Leaked

  1. Sean

    Nothing out of the world from Puma, but I don’t think Arsenal fans will mind too greatly.

    Hooped socks is interesting though.

  2. Paulie

    Nice kit. An vast improvement from some of the shabby Puma kits from this season. I’m sure Nike are delighted with this leak half way through a season.

    On another note, why doesn’t Henry just crawl away under a rock? He’s as bad as Beckham.

  3. Keno

    Great kit! Simple is best, look at Real Madrid, Chelsea & PSG. Also nice to see another big team that isn’t sponsored by Nike or Adidas. Love it!

  4. dont worry


    have some respect for henry…. henry was the greatest player to play at arsenal. so next time your thinking to say something bad, think again !

  5. Creosote

    i’m an unabashed fan of simplicity, but must confess that i feel this would be a downgrade from the kit they’re wearing this season. the blue highlights on their current uniform solidifies its identity as an Arsenal kit, and i think it has been the Gunners’ best looking kit in a long time. sad to know that they’ll swap it for another by the next season.

    i like the hooped stockings.

  6. Jezza

    i think this will be one of those kits that slowly grow on you and people will like it the more as the season progress.

  7. Charles Gardella

    We Fat Arsenal supporters might object I can squeeze into a XXL Nike. but Puma? XXL is like an American Medium

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