New Brazil Third Kit 2014- Green Black Brazil Jersey 2014 Nike

Nike have unveiled a new dark green, almost black third kit for the Brazilian national team. The shirt is paired with slightly longer shorts ( to pay tribute to Brazil’s love for surfing). There are also green, blue and yellow stripes on it to represent the colours of the Brazilian flag.

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New Brazil Third Kit 2014

Brazil Third Kit Shorts

New Brazil 3rd Jersey Crest

12 thoughts on “New Brazil Third Kit 2014- Green Black Brazil Jersey 2014 Nike

  1. Sean

    Like the concept behind the shorts.

    But the big question is whether Brazil will actually wear this third kit?

    I remember them having a black kit a couple of years ago, but they never wore it.

  2. PG13

    I love the idea of international teams getting 3rd kits.

    Although their blue away kits always looked nice

  3. Paulie

    The shorts are horrible – like something Celtic would wear.

    The shirt is grand, but I can only see them wearing this against Rwanda or the US Virgin Islands.

  4. Earl

    they will wear it during the world cup i imagine, they cant wear white cause its cursed, but they need a different kit while playing at home. i want the shorts.

  5. Creosote

    i’m not fully convinced that wearing an all-black kit in the sweltering conditions of south america’s equatorial climate will prove to be a good idea in practice, but what i won’t argue against is the quality and style of the outfit. the off-green colour gives off the impression that this is something straight out of a ‘Matrix’ feature.

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