Official- New Arsenal Puma Kits 2014/2015- AFC Home Away Third Jersey 14/15

These are the new Arsenal kits 2014/15, the new uniforms for Premier League giants Arsenal as they embark upong the 14/15 season. The Gunners will look to improve upon last season’s performance after securing the signature of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona. Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini and Santi Cazorla were present at the launch, done by the club’s new kit partners, Puma, who take over from Nike.

The trilogy of kits was then showcased in a unique 20m water projection on the River Thames in front of the EDF Energy London Eye, transforming it into the iconic Clock End clock.

Each of the three kits has a unique design, inspired by the values identified by PUMA as being the foundation of Arsenal Football Club, and which form the basis of the ‘Future, Forever, Victorious’ story.

The home kit, representing “Forever”, stays true to the traditional red-and-white Arsenal colours that first appeared in 1933. The round-neck shirt has a red body and white sleeves and is paired with white shorts and red-and-white hooped socks.

The home goalkeeper kit is a black one from the Puma stable, using a template we’ve seen in many Puma GK shirts, including several ones at the World Cup.

”Victorious’ is the theme of the away shirt, designed in the iconic yellow and navy blue colours worn by the Gunners during some of their most famous victories, including the 1971 and 1979 FA Cup final wins, and the title-winning victory at Anfield in 1989. The V-neck top is predominantly yellow with blue sleeves, blue shorts and blue-and-yellow hooped socks.

The 3rd kit is blue and lime green, and will be worn by AFC in select cup competitions, including the Champions League and FA Cup. Representing “Future”, it symbolises the desire for innovation and progression that has driven the club through its history, and features a button-down collared shirt with blue and sky blue striped panels across the body. The kit also features blue shorts and two-tone blue hooped socks.

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AFC Kit Side Closeup

AFC Puma 2014 15 Top

Alexis Sanchez Arsenal Kit 14 15

Arsenal Puma Strip 14 15

Cazorla Flamini

New Arsenal Away Shirt 2014 15

New Arsenal Home Kit 2014 2015

New Arsenal Home Goalkeeper Kit 2014 15

26 thoughts on “Official- New Arsenal Puma Kits 2014/2015- AFC Home Away Third Jersey 14/15

  1. Sean

    One of the poorest kept secrets given the numerous leaks prior to release. Atleast they revealed all three at one go!

    The blue and yellow one is the only one I really like. The others are ok, but don’t scream “buy me”.

    And couldn’t they have given Sanchez a better fitting one?

  2. EV

    Impressed with the home which I will buy the away is similar to that 08/09 away but not keen about the third. I think puma have done a better job than Nike they should be embaraced.

  3. RealChelsea

    too bad they leaked the info abt their adidas sponsorship – they would have struck gold.

    these kits are too bad for 25 million GBP/year.

  4. Joe Kyle

    home is brilliant! i did not expect this from puma, very pleased. Away is good too and third is first class

  5. dvm

    great kits but designed only for athletes haha. cant see the average man who carries a few extra pounds pulling it off in them

  6. yuffie

    wow, a lot of stomach holding in going on there

    i guess they’ll get sizes that fit in time to play in

  7. spartan

    These are awful. Horrible wide necks. santi cazorla and artetas’ look like cheap market knock offs.

  8. THFC4ever

    Home kit looks awful, and they’re so tight just like most PUMA kits are! The away kit is okay, and the third kit is a bit…colourful?

  9. Moza

    Just like the World Cup shirts made by Puma, these kits are way too tight! The yellow away is a decent throwback to the late 80s / 90s. Can’t see when they’ll clash enough to justify the third kit lol

  10. MAtt

    To all the people complaining that the kit is too tight, the one sold to the supporters will be a normal relaxed fit, not the player issue tight kit from the photos

  11. dilan solanki

    sweet home and away kits
    i like santi cazorla away kit it was sweet
    i liked the blue top
    i like the home kit

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