New Notts County Away Kit 13/14- Purple Notts County Shirt FILA

This is the new Notts County away kit 2013/2014, NCFC’s new away strip for the forthcoming season. The new Notts County away kit has been made by FILA and was officially revealed on July 23, 2013 by the club. Notts County will sport a purple away top on their travels, as the pics below will tell you

The last pic in the set below is that of the away goalkeeper kit.

Notts County Away Kit 13 14

Notts County Away Shirt 2013 2014

Notts County Away Shorts

FILA NCFC Away Socks

Purple Notts County Kit 2013 14

Notts County Away GK Kit 2013 14

12 thoughts on “New Notts County Away Kit 13/14- Purple Notts County Shirt FILA

  1. Carl

    I like it, but TBH just about anything would have been better than the horrible home kit.

  2. JonLCFC

    FILA’s stripe designs this season have been awful (see the home shirt and Rochdales kit) but I like this one. Very similar to Swansea away

  3. Kit Man Jack

    Are they awful because there trying something different? How many of you moan on here about template kits and how boring Nike, Adidas, etc are becoming. At least Fila and other smaller brands are trying some unique and bespoke for the clubs. Good on em!!!

  4. Les Glum

    interesting how they’ve done the club badge in the purple/yellow as well. The keeper kit has kept the black/white badge !

    Don’t like either kits tbh !

  5. Carl

    @Kit Man Jack

    I very much dislike most efforts to try varying sizes of stripes or hoops on a single shirt. Some of the worst kits ever made in the early 90s did this. And Rochdale’s home kit is simply too busy. That said, I appreciate FILA’s efforts and particularly like more radical colors. Kukri’s work for Wycombe this year is my favorite for the smaller brands.

  6. Luke Y

    Can tell Diadora and Fila kits are manufactured together. Same collar as Walsall’s home shirt from last season and the check design Walsall have on their away this year. Exactly the same.

    Still… Nice kit.

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