New Southampton Kit 13-14 Adidas Saints FC Home Away Jerseys 2013-2014

These are the new Southampton kits 2013/14, Saints FC’s new home and away shirts for the forthcoming Premier League season. The South Coast outfit stayed up last season after winning promotion and will look to build on their 14th place finish from last season. The new Southampton strips have been made by Adidas and were officially unveiled on June 28, 2013.

The new Saints 2013/2013 home shirt is red with white flashes on the side and has the club badge, Adidas and sponsor’s logos in gold.

The new away shirt is black, with the change goalie strip having the Adidas stripes in orange, as can be seen in the pics below. A behind the scenes kit shoot video from the Saints’ youtube channel is shown below.

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35 thoughts on “New Southampton Kit 13-14 Adidas Saints FC Home Away Jerseys 2013-2014

  1. Sean

    Gold lettering should be restricted to teams who win championships.

    Weren’t Southampton supposed to have a different sponsor? Lotus was the name being thrown around not too long ago.

  2. Zazeeqo

    Good kits! Gotta be fair, adiddas has stepped it up this year for sure. Nike have been an absolute dissappointment this year. they have been really lazy with basic designs.

  3. platoni

    I’m totally with Sean about the gold lettering issue.
    And I’m backing the opinion of Simon 100 %.
    Southampton has to be in stripes and the away should be yellow and blue and not just the opposite coloursheme of the template fulham is using..
    I also can’t understand why the crest is not fully coloured..
    I usually like the kits adidas is producing but in this case they ruined the historical face of the club for the next season. even the umbro kits last year had a minimum of stripes in it. just thought it would be an exception

  4. Ken

    No stripes for 3 years in a row. Gold badge again in 126th year. Southampton is slowly being Cardiff-ed without fans realising.

  5. Michael

    The black kit is really bad! What is up with that collar? The home kit is nice but its just not Southampton… surely they should have at least kept the pinstripes if not going back to full stripes for this season?

  6. karen creber

    just not Southampton……….in fact could be any old club in red………….southampton play in stripes…………………horrible.

  7. al

    Rubbish home kit. Far from outstanding away, okay its alright but Soton play in stripes, that home’s away from tradition and they are terrible kits tbh. Awful by adidas

  8. CTFC14

    I prefer it the crest, sponsor and make symbol where white, it will suit it more but I like it alltogether

  9. Michael

    I could be wrong but didn’t Southampton always have some black in their home kit too? They seem to be trying to reinvent themselves in recent years which made sense given they were in League One, but does the identity and branding need to change so much? I dont think so.

  10. ste

    U cant really blame adidas 4 not going 4 stripes they already make stoke and sunderlands kits 3 kits with the same manafacturer and colours would be just 2 much

  11. Red&White

    The worst two kits in the premier league by far!!

    We look like a rubbish pub team, the gold badge looks awful on red and is barely visible. As for the away kit, what on earth is that disgusting white V and the away goalie shirt is disgracefully bad, terrible choice of colours.

    The only positive in my opinion is the striped socks as for the rest, its embarrassing!

    To add insult to an already terrible kit, any tom, dick or harry can buy the plain version from various sports shops for as little as £13. Adidas make boring kits that all look the same, big mistake by saints! I hope people turn up to games in old traditional red and white striped kits next season and shirt sales are at an all time low to teach all those involved a lesson.

  12. Dan laz

    Having grown up with so many beautifull Saints kits, these past 2 seasons have really pained me. These are not Southampton FC kits. End of!!
    If I wear this in Manchester people will think I’m a scouser. Any Saints fan could design a better kit. Throw it out to contest next year as Cortese cannot be trusted with this responsibility.

  13. Thesaintsupporter

    The only reason there are no stripes is because Adidas are the new manufactures and they changed it. Also they were gonna be sponsored by someone else because it was they last year of the contract with aap3 but the newcompany kept on pushing them around so they went with aap3 on the last year of the contract. But I like both of the kits anyway. And one last thing COYR( Come On Your Reds)!

  14. n r t

    southampton should wear stripes……..
    because Sunderland and stoke wear them isn’t reason enough not too….
    my club Sunderland went down this route in the early 1980’s and we had one of the worst kits in history…..tradition first and last!

  15. Gary

    Its a stealth rebranding of Southampton FC plain and simple right or wrong it’s here to stay unless everyone stands together to stop it? Even so the kits themselves are shocking people got payed wages to come up with these!!!!!

  16. craig

    Loving this kit home one is similar to Swansea and Hull’s and the away is just like Fulham’s what a great mix there lucky you saints, and Adidas are unstoppable they have made amazing kits this year well done and sorry sean for this, they don’t need stripes and the gold lettering is a great contrast with the kit.

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