New Nike Tahiti Confederations Cup Jersey 2013

Little Tahiti made their debut in the Confederations Cup last evening against Nigeria, and while they lost 6-1, their largely amateur side did make history by managing to score against the Super Eagles. Tahiti qualified for the Confed Cup as Oceania champions, the first team from the region other than Australia and New Zealand to do so. Below are some pics of the new Nike Tahiti jersey for 2013 that this team will wear during the Confederations Cup

New Tahiti Soccer Jersey

Tahiti Confederations Cup Kit 2013

Tahiti Football Shirt 2013

10 thoughts on “New Nike Tahiti Confederations Cup Jersey 2013

  1. Sean

    I wish Nike had given them something unique to stand out to showcase their identity. ( bit like how Samoa and Fiji’s rugby jerseys were at the World Cup)

    This looks like they picked up theirs at the Nike factory and flew to Brazil.

  2. JonLCFC

    That’s just last seasons Leyton Orient kit! They did score an historic goal in it though…

  3. Nicola

    Does anybody know if there’s anywhere online to buy the Tahiti jersey either the 2013 or 2012 one?

  4. Joe

    Wear can you buy this Jersey from!? I emailed Nike and they said replied with this…

    Hi There

    With regards to your e-mail.

    I would be happy to help you with this.

    Firstly i am sorry for your against Nigeria, but that was an impressive goal you guys scored, Tehau will be popular.

    At present we do not have any plans to stock the shirt on our Nike.Com website, i have checked our launch lists for all of June and we do not have a scheduled release.

    I wish your team all the luck in the future.

    If there is anything else I can help with please do not hesitate to ask

    Have a great day.


  5. Rusty B

    I also want a Tahiti shirt.

    They are awesome. 🙂

    Come on Tahiti… Do Uruguay!!! I am also getting your flag.

    What a team to play the way they play up against such immense opposition. COME ON!

  6. Michael Roche

    I want to buy the GK shirt … my surname is Roche. Can you tell me where I can buy one … ?

    Goalkeepers: Roche (AS Dragon) … oh my first name is Michael as well!

  7. Daniel

    What a great Confederations Cup the 2013 version was! I was supporting Tahiti on every match they played. Like everyone else, I knew they were going to loose bad, but all I wanted was a goal. Unfortunately Uruguay and Spain kept a clean goal in their matches but hey.. I celebrated on the goal against Nigeria! GO TAHITI!

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