New Bolton Kit 13-14- Fibrlec Adidas BWFC Home Shirt 2013-2014

This is the new Bolton kit 2013/14, Bolton Wanderers’ new home kit for the 13/14 Championship season. The Trotters’ new strip has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled on June 6, 2013. BWFC had originally signed up pay day loan company Quickquid as their sponsors, but following fan protests, scrapped the deal and opted for Fibrlec as sponsors.

Here is the new Bolton home kit with the redesigned crest.

BWFC Home Shirt 2013

Fibrlec Bolton Kit 13 14

New Bolton Club Crest 2013

24 thoughts on “New Bolton Kit 13-14- Fibrlec Adidas BWFC Home Shirt 2013-2014

  1. JonLCFC

    Lovely shirts. Adidas are really standing out above the rest as great kit makers this year

  2. Superwolf

    Nice kit. Let’s hope we get promotion in it! COYWM!! Also glad that QuickQuid has gone

  3. mystaaRS

    The Old crest was perhaps better but this new crest isn’t too bad either.
    The Kit itself isn’t bad, without the sponsor…

  4. Ian

    Should have been sponsored by N-Power cos they will be in The Championship for a very long time. 🙂

  5. skeel hart

    very nice – even exceed expectations….. @jim, please stop talking nonsense

  6. Marc L

    Old Bolton crest always reminded me of a sperm.

    But yes, sponsor looks just dire on an otherwise nice shirt.

  7. karen creber

    at last………….Bolton have got rid of that shocking badge………..nice kit to!.


    David wheater’s career has took off since boro hasn’t it…. square chin

  9. CPS7

    love this kit <3 best weve had for years only one that can compete is the all white one in the times of campo, nolan etc…

  10. Mr T

    Yes, sponsor ruins the kit. But think about it, poor design because the designers should be working around the sponsor. I wont be buying this one

  11. Aron Ayala

    Yeah the sponsor trashes the kit. The new thing on the badge makes it stand out more which I kinda like.

  12. bolton rick

    a lot moaning about the sponsor looking bad, but best sponsor we’ve as for what it stands for, look them up. don’t look that bad though, certainly better than the 188 bet one!!! problem is we’ve been too used to the reebok sponsor in the past which obviously looks good on a top being a sport brand
    glad we gone back to the old badge, not exactly like it used to be but near enough. the badge we just got rid of always looked like a balloon floating away!!

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