New Zambia Jersey 2013- Nike Chipolopolo AFCON Kits 2013

AFCON 2012 champions Zambia have unveiled their new kit that they will wear at the 2013 African Cup of Nations. The new Chipolopolo ( Copper Bullets) shirt, made by Nike, will be first worn when Zambia take on Norway in an exhibition game on January 12, 2013.

The predominantly green jersey, seen in the first pic below, replaces the immensely popular jersey that had a tricoloured band on the sleeves.

The second jersey, predominantly orange, is a supporters replica jersey released by the Zambian Football Association.

New Zambia Jersey 2013 AFCON

Zambia Norway Kit

Zambia Kit 2013

Zambia Supporters Replica Shirt

13 thoughts on “New Zambia Jersey 2013- Nike Chipolopolo AFCON Kits 2013

  1. Nawa

    I’m so disappointed that a person of Kalusha’s caliber can accept such an ugly looking jersey for our National Team. It’s so hard to believe that our FAZ President agreed to receive this jersey. Please, please, please, FAZ let our team use the jersey they used last year because it is a better looking jersey than this “new” one. Please save us from parading our wonderful team in such a jersey. We have always loved you FAZ and we have always trusted your decisions, but this particular decision you have made on the jersey will and is making us lose the love and trust we have always had in FAZ.

  2. perry

    This jersey is surely ugly. Kalusha bwalya and FAZ why do u want to embarace our team and our country? This work is useless if nike has failed to perform then give the contract to Puma or adidas. Can’t u see other county’s jerseys. They make more sense. These ones u accepted are way to ugly it looks as if u gave a kamwala tailor to sow those one

  3. JoB

    This Jersey is UGLY! I think it will be the ugliest jersey of the tournament, NIKE have really let us down, Ba Kalu why didn’t you call me to design the new Jersey I would have done a better Job, I hope the Ugly Jersey won’t affect our team’s performance! I don’t like this jersey at all, will you please revert back to the 2012 Jersey.

  4. bachelsea

    i feel dis uniform is a MISS pliz you pipo dis is tax payers fund u are wasting ba FAZ jst giv dat uniform to chipolopolo fans not to the players dont embrass the boys wen they go ku AFCON in S.A those are our ambassadors.

  5. spiderman

    The originals are not bad.. I have the new originals and they are actually really nice… The fake ones are rubbish… On the badge it reads ‘ football asocLation of zambia…. Spelling errors on a national jersey is just imbarrasing, that’s how u tell the fake apart from the original, I can’t beleieve they retail the fakes at KR180…

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