New Reading Kit 12-13 Puma Reading FC Home Away Shirts 2012-2013

These are the new Reading FC shirts 12/13, Reading’s new home and away kits for the 2012/2013 Premier League. The Royals won promotion to the 12/13 Premier League league along with West Ham and Southampton from the Championship. The new Reading FC kits 2012/2013 have been made by Puma and were officially unveiled on June 30, 2012 by the club.

Reading have opted for a yellow away kit which reminds one of the Swedish jersey, while the home strip has thick blue and white hoops. The goalie strip is green in colour.

Waitrose are the principal sponsors of Reading’s new 2012/2013 Premier League kits, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Reading Club Badge 2012

Reading FC Home Strip 2012

Yellow Reading Away Kit 2013

New Reading FC Kits 12-13

Reading New Home Kit 2012

Reading New Home Shirt 2013

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42 thoughts on “New Reading Kit 12-13 Puma Reading FC Home Away Shirts 2012-2013

  1. Stephen

    Not keen on them. That red stripe is just wrong but I’ll still buy them and wear them with pride URZ!

  2. Steveo

    Actually seeing that image of the away shirt instead of the main one thats on site makes me agree with Charlie. Very nice 😛

  3. Carl H

    Baggy sleeves on home, yet fitted on away? :-S

    Still very smart kits. Welcome back to the EPL, Royals! 🙂

  4. Richard

    It’s OK I suppose but not enough hoops. I wish they had stayed with something like last year’s more traditional Royals strip. URZ!

  5. Brett

    Wish away sponsor was Blue and matched the kit. Looking forward to red numbers on the home strip. URZ!

  6. littlelee-MUFC

    The stripes are way too broad and the red is too much, last seasons was a lot smarter

  7. Mr French

    S#*T kit for another S#*T club… Fresh meat for Chelsea, the Champions of Europe…

  8. Mr French

    This is now… Chelsea are the champions of Europe… Known to pull a double… Your not worthy… With your clown shirts in a circus of unknowns!!! The sharks are circling…

  9. gooner boy 1981

    i think everyone on this site knows who likes ‘to pull a double’!!! probably whilst wearing their ‘ChelseaMan’ shirt, eh Froggy ?

  10. Conor

    The home kit looks amazing on the website when it’s not baggy. Honestly go look at it when it’s sculpted to a body.

  11. Frog Man 10

    the strips are way too big on the home strip. Yellow away strip is very good and the green kit is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joe

    @mr French is this the same
    Chelsea who are the biggest laughing stock of the premier league? The Chelsea who have been branded ‘a disgrace’ by the world for the way they played in the champions league? The Chelsea who’s fans were voted the worst in the premier league? Not surprised with people like you. C**t.

  13. Joe

    @Mr French I’ve honestly never seen anyone who knows less about football. A disabled blind
    monkey would look like he had the footballing brain of guardiola next to you you brainless, onion-eating, buck-toothed Yankee turdburglar. A French American who knows nothing about football? Go hang yourself mate, you’ll die a virgin.

  14. Mr French

    I’ll spell it out for you J~E~A~L~O~U~S!!! you go to bed at night dreaming of being a Chelsea fan… Dreaming of defeating Barcelona not once, but twice… Regardless of your little feelings, regardless of how big of a hater you are… CHELSEA ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!! instead of conceding and acknowledging that fact, you choose to make yourself look foolish and jealous by trying to make HOW they won the main factor… A win is a win… Chelsea took the trophy home… Barcelona went home with their overrated over hyped little troll they call Messi… So if your still crying then grab a tissue and go to your room… I hate to see a grown man/woman squalling…

  15. Taroman

    @Mr French
    Only once and that took them about several decades. They only won once but already you being cocky with them? Remember Real Madrid? They have won Europe Cup for 9 times and still their fan didn’t cocky about it ( #RESPECT ) and I’m want to say we’re never jealous with Chelsea

  16. gooner boy 1981

    @Mr French
    Jesus Christ, how f#cking old is this tit…14,15? mental age…11,12 maybe, with Chelsea player pics pined up all over his bedroom walls. Y#NK ing off to his Adidas catalog when he’s not doing his homework or embarrassing himself on this site. absolute idiot.

  17. Mr French

    Hey gooner girl, don’t let your makeup run by all that crying your doing… You have proved my point exactly… I’m quite old enough to know what i’m talking about, while your still waiting for your balls to drop and that face full of acne to run it’s coarse… But don’t worry about that little patch of hair you’ll start to see down there… You’ll get hair in funny places and eventually… HOPEFULLY, you’ll start thinking about girls… But for now, you should learn to shut the f#*k up while grown men are talking… And one more thing… You should keep your boyfriend Taroman under controlling before he gets bitten… CO**ARDS!!!

  18. gooner boy 1981

    @Mr French
    so there you go everyone, case closed – he’s a little schoolboy! i’m annoyed it actually took me a couple weeks to rumble him but we got there in the end. at one point i thought it was a trolling, lonely old soccer-mom who knew nothing about the game(see post35 on the Chelsea away launch!) but now it all makes sense. most of his previous post sounds like his current (pre?)teen life crisis. “grown men are talking”, wow….he actually wrote that, poor kid. nice try, but you’ve sussed, so va te faire mettre……

  19. URZ_1990

    Hey guiz lets feed teh trollolol

    Chelsea are sooooo shit how the f** can you support them you looooser! You’ve probably never been to Chelsea/probably only starting supporting them after they won the Champions League/probably never been to a game. And Reading are the best because we’ve got much better fans/we play proper English football, none of that continental crap/Stephen Hunt lololol.

    Also just because you beat Barcelona doesn’t mean you can beat us because it’s a game of 2 sides and we’ve got Simon Church who is lk da best str1ker eva!!111

    Also you’re French, which means you’re a cheese-eating surrender monkey/eat frogs/you smell of garlic/I suspect you might be gay.

    Take your pick m8, get back to me at your earliest convenience.

  20. Mr French

    Ha!!! I’m happy to see that i have these birds chirping… Sound like a bunch of women swapping period stories… I’ve actually been to several Chelsea matches… One at the Bridge, and 2 here in the states during their summer tour… Plus, i will be at Yankee Stadium for this summers match… I have dual citizenship in both France and the United States so in my travels i’ve managed to see more live football matches than probably most of you put together… I’ve seen Olympique de Marseille 6 times… Not to mention, i’ve seen Real Madrid (the champions of Spain) play in the states as well… And that’s just a few football matches i’ve attended… Not counting a whole slew of MLS matches… Hell, i’m willing to bet you that NONE of you have EVER even been outside jolly old!!! You probably don’t have the minerals to show your faces in the states… So be good girls and keep still… Stay in your little dark corner of the world and continue to hate on Chelsea… Or any of those champion teams i’ve mentioned… You’ll still be well, just Reading… Sad…

  21. gooner boy 1981

    Ha!!!…i tip my hat to ya chap, you got the little Frog cock..(erel) pecking……..well, i’ve been to Florida and California and the Bridge and Old Trafford an everyfing, and my mommy took me to see Newcastle once – so nah nah na nah nah !!!

  22. gooner boy 1981

    @Mr French
    it would appear this slimy little peace of escargot is trolling his hate of the English – all over our various clubs kit launch’s – whilst hiding behind the pretense of being a ‘ChelseaMan’. i hope you will all feel free to express your opinions of his ‘real’ team…O’ Marseille…at their away kit launch….

  23. Mr French

    August 22nd looks to be the day… Chelsea vs Reading… Time to put your big boy boots on Reading… Won’t help you though, the sharks are circling…

  24. Wilson97

    Nice shirts, home shirt is original and should stand out but isnt the away kit the same as coventrys home shirt just diffrent colours O.o Hope you stay up- Burnley Fan

  25. jacob

    I love every single shirt from 2 seassons ago last sesson and espesialy this sesson.14 matches Left and were 2nd from bottom we need 2 start winning and we might just make it with adem le fondre CAME ON UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BLUE ARMY

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