New Sheffield Wednesday Kit 12-13- Puma SWFC Home Shirt 2012-13

This is the new Sheffield Wednesday home kit 2012/2013, Sheffield Wednesday FC’s new home shirt for the 12/13 season. Wednesday won promotion from League One in the 2011/12 season and will be competing in the Championship during the 2012/13 season. SWFC’s new 12/13 kit has been made by Puma and was revealed by the club on June 27, 2012 via social networking site Twitter.

Sheffield Wednesday’s new 2012/13 home shirt features blue and white stripes with a round neck. The Puma logo is seen on a black patch on the shoulder. Gilder Group ( Gilder Honda) are the principal sponsors of the new SWFC 2012/2013 home shirt.

The shorts accompanying the jersey are primarily black with white on the sides.

New SWFC Kit 2013

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48 thoughts on “New Sheffield Wednesday Kit 12-13- Puma SWFC Home Shirt 2012-13

  1. Nicole

    Esp the sponsor bit

    The away kit better be good otherwise i’m not buying a shirt this season

  2. Chris

    I’m an Arsenal fan but think i might switch to Sheffield Wednesday if they keep on producing class kits like this.

  3. Matt

    I’ve been an Owl all my life and this isn’t half a bad kit, just the colour of the sponsor makes it look fugly, if we were to be sponsored by PlusNet again then I would be queueing at the Owl Megastore from midnight…

  4. Luke

    This is really gross, I hope they fix that sponsor, the text is too big and the font for ‘Gilder’ and their slogan is horrible. In fact why is the slogan even needed there?

    Also I’m not sure if it’s just because they have put a XL shirt on a medium person but everywhere it looks too baggy and out of proportion. Like for example, the collar looks tight but the sleeves can probably fit some tree trunks through those. I’m still not sure why we are ditching our superb promotion winning shirt of last season for this.

  5. Ricahrd Madley

    Well im a Cardiff fan but i have always liked Sheffield Wednseday shirts the shirt is not too bad but the shorts look wrong for the design but great kit all round.

  6. Luke

    Having seen it in the flesh now (with the correct size on the right person) it does look better and the sponsor is not as overpowering as it looks here. But I still think it would look miles better if we had the actual Honda ‘H’ logo and not the text as the red and blue don’t go well together. And the font for the rest of the sponsor could still be better.

  7. Mr French

    Ugly, oversized, gaudy, piece of S#*T!!! Who would want to wear this rag??? Oh, nevermind… A lower league club would… No wonder i’m a Chelsea man…

  8. J D

    Having purchased the kit for my son yesterday the pictures do not do it justice

    It actually looks great with the black shorts and socks and therefore suggest you look at the twitter pictures and see it on the fans !

  9. Liam Hird

    Buy this shirt before you slate it. I have this shirt and its nowhere near as bad as it looks. It looks quality in person, and is a slim fit, and not baggy at all. Quality shit!

  10. Luke

    “Got red on it”?

    You mean like when we had:
    Mr Tom
    Chupa Chups

    As sponsors? give over…

  11. acdo

    Black shorts!!! Why have we changed from blue? It would be a nice kit of we had kept the blue.

  12. pfcsteve

    if anyone is interested i’m doing a sky sports fantasy league (it’s free to enter just register with sky sports fantasy football) the league is called serie z and the pin is 8000385. everyone welcome except mr french

  13. sheffildwednesday fc

    shut up its awsome it only because you support the pigs scumbaggs of red half of sheffild i will burn sheffield utd shirt & wipe it up my bum .

  14. sheffildwednesday fc

    sheffield wednesday are awsome and the kit is too .

  15. sheffildwednesday fc

    dave jones bamy army der der dave jones bamy army

  16. D1607

    Sheffield Wednesday had one of the best home strips in English football last year, if not the best, but like any football club these days, they can’t leave well alone and the new kit, though not terrible, is a huge step in the wrong direction.

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