New Sunderland AFC Strip 2012-2013- Adidas Sunderland Away Kit 12-13 Blue

This is the new Sunderland away kit 2012/2013, SAFC’s new away strip for the forthcoming 2012/13 Premier League season. This new Sunderland away 12/13 top is the first SAFC kit from the Adidas stable after the Black Cats struck a deal with the kit giants earlier this year to replace Umbro. This SAFC away 2012/13 kit also has a new shirt sponsor in the form of “Invest in Africa” and was officially revealed on June 25, 2012.

The new Adidas SAFC away top for 12/13 is blue in colour with turqouise trim, as can be seen in the pics below. The Invest in Africa initiative is being sponsored by London based Tullow Oil and is reportedly the biggest shirt sponsorship deal in the club’s history.

The Black Cats have several African players on their roster- the trio of Asamoah Gyan, John Mensah and Sulley Muntari ( all Ghana), Egypt’s Ahmed Elmohamady and Benin’s Stephane Sessegnon.

Sunderland Invest in Africa Strip 2012

Adidas Sunderland Strip 2012-13

New Sunderland Top 12-13

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44 thoughts on “New Sunderland AFC Strip 2012-2013- Adidas Sunderland Away Kit 12-13 Blue

  1. Mr John

    Jeffrey :
    Invest in Africa? Really? Couldn’t they have found a better sponsor?

    What’s wrong with that??? Are you in favour of apartheid or something???

  2. Conor Hughes

    The kit is ok. The ‘Invest in Africa’ is a great initiative, it uses the growing popularity of the EPL to help out a very poorly stereotyped continent. I have to admit, last years away kit was far better though. I very much dislike the round neck

  3. Thrush

    I would have had no problems if the Invest in Africa was some separate NGO or something.

    But when you look at the backers, it’s screaming ” come and exploit africa’s rich natural resources for your profit”


    An excellent way of helping to advertise Africa. Very proud that it is my club. The first British club to help 3rd world countries this way. Go onto Sunderland’s offical web page and read all about it before you makeoffensive comments and “slag it off”

  5. BeN

    An Aston Villa fan talking about it being a horrid kit. Do me a favour. Away shirts change, but you’ll always still have that naff home kit. I quite like it

  6. peter

    hahaha that kits rank, colours a mess, addidas done poor, sponsors net de wit it tbh without it this strip still b woeful

  7. darren

    hahaha shit kit for a shite team. perfect match

    although i have to comment scumderland on the iniative for getting a charity as a sponsor to promote it. so cudos on but jeasus the kit sucks

  8. george

    This kits better then most of the new kits, and thankfully better then the mags; and everday I’d rather invest in africa then tombola:)

  9. Mr French

    I love Adidas, but this kit looks like it should be in the lower leagues… Haven’t seen the home kit yet… Keep your fingers crossed…

  10. Oboy vianny

    I can,t remenber seen sunderland wearing dis kind of quality jersey, so open yr eyes n see oder clubs jersey, den u wil appreciate d gud work dat adidas did for u guyz, am a valencia fan, for me dat jersey is awesome, so stop making disgusting comments about dis jersey…….

  11. ADAM

    Stop using americanisims and its jesus not jeasus. geordie mong. your the kings of shite away kits. star trek next generation LOL

  12. ADAM

    asking for a translator for a spaniard his English is alot better than the geordie retards!

  13. It safc

    Invest in africa will make us the most well known and popular club in africa so well get all the mint african players in a fewj years oh and mr french seen your away kit stole of marsaille and
    Still SHIT haha go and support an american club .oh thats right there all crap

  14. thogil

    @Mr John
    really??? apartheid?? first off-that ended 18 years ago, secondly that happened in ONE country in Africa, the country that is arguably THE MOST STABLE in Africa currently-so if you are going to argue choose the genocides happening in some of the other countries ok? Thanks 🙂

  15. Mr French

    Yo it safc!!! So all our clubs are crap??? Then why do all your European clubs come here to play our clubs for preseason warm ups??? Why do you think that great players such as David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane, etc. come to play in the states??? Chelsea will be here playing at Yankee Stadium in several days… Not to mention the league champions of Spain, Real Madrid will be here as well… And that’s just a couple of teams… The summer tour kicks of shortly and all the major clubs will be here to play our MLS clubs… And just so you know, Messi’s Allstars match with everyone from Messi himself to Suarez, to Drogba and countless others, was also played where??? That’s right idiot the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! and one more thing… HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! independence day when England got their asses handed to them… Fous le merde!!!

  16. BentBalls

    @ Mr French
    Old football players, who are best there best, go and play in the MLS because they too old, and playing the MSL is like playing kids soccer.

  17. Mr French

    Hey bentballs, learn how to talk… Better yet know what your talking about when you try to talk… It’s obvious that you know nothing about the MLS… Just because a few aging players from Europe choose to play in the states doesn’t mean the entire MLS in aging… I can tell by your reply your lacking in knowledge… You and goonergirl need to start your own haters club… I think you both have Mr French envy… Get of my balls!!!

  18. gooner boy 1981

    one more time, he’s a Frog trolling his English hatred everyone, his team is Oppless Marseille !!! if you want to give him sh#t do it on his own clubs site…..(away launch)

  19. Mr French

    Calling for others to help you gooner girl??? Can’t do it by yourself??? The actual truth is, i don’t hate English clubs at all… If i think a kit is S#*T, then that’s MY opinion… If i think a certain club is S#*T, then that too is one mans opinion… But in true b#*ch fashion, your running about with your feelings hurt like a little girl that was told she couldn’t go to the dance… Funny thing is, you’ve yet to disclose which club you support… Hell, i’m willing to bet that your what we call in America a bandwagon fan… Whoever is doing well at that time is who you pretend to follow… I support 1 club in England, CHELSEA!!! So it’s natural that i as a Chelsea fan think that other clubs are S#*T… But guess what my little female friend… I also am a fan of Real Madrid, Bayern Munchin, and the New York Redbulls… I follow the French national team as well as the US team… My point is, i love he sport… You, with your narrow mind, probably aren’t smart enough to follow more than 1 team… How about this, i buy you a plane ticket to the states, i’ll have you picked up at the airport give you a nice place to stay and then we can meet up and i will give you an authentic American head busting and then i’ll pack up what’s left of you and send it to your mum??? Sound good??? Have a passport??? I have the time…

  20. Mr French

    One more thing goonergirl, gooner means something totally different in America… Its known as a specific sex act between two men… It’s when two goons get together… Kind of like you and your mates… Sorry i’m not up on your neighborhood jargon… If it were a popular term, then EVERYONE around the world would know it… So yes, you are a gooner…

  21. gooner boy 1981

    our little Miss Frogsh#t isn’t the sharpest slapper in the shed is she?!! i said a few ‘rude words’ on its teams – O.Marseille – kit launch, and the little ladyboys feelings got hurt. pointing out the fact that your ‘real’ club is OM mererly give those whose team you ridicule the chance to retaliate. your offer to get me busting by the vigorous use of your head i will have to decline, as i’m not gay…or French. the pocket money you save on that plane ticket and place to stay can help pay for your therapy. your expert knowledge of specific man on man sex act terminology also holds no intrest as i’m not gay…or French. you “aren’t smart enough” to at least google the name that millions around the world know refers to Arsenal. you are however one of the most pathetic, insecure as##holes i have ever had displeasure encounter.

  22. john ftm

    Mls is terrible league, and the reason top clubs play there in pre season is to promote their own reputation and gain support

  23. Blake

    I love how bitchy the plastic fangirl with an attitude got over a few words. Which is so troll because calls out every single club other than his favourites. Really what’s really funny is that he complains about gooner being a bandwagon jumper, then goes on to list his favourite clubs, which rises 2 facts about the Frog:

    A He’s the bandwagon fan, how can you loose when you support RM and BM two, powerfuls of football, and Chelski.

    B He knows nothing about football, football is about rooting for one club over the rest. Espically when your club is in Europe ever season. I am a Spurs fan, I bled white and blue. Obvisouly I like other clubs better than other, but all day long I am bright Lillywhite. Honestly Mr. French you are a disgress even to a plastic club, as Chelsea. Stop being a stuck up bitch, you don’t know everything there is to know, addias is just like any other brand, that comes out with some good and some hurrendous stuff. aka(Liverpool’s and Chelsea kit’s the past 2 years). This years the blues have a descent kit.

    Also, like John ftm said the US is a big market, and the MLS are in mid-season form. They don’t tour because the MLS is agreat league, which it isn’t.

    All this from a canadian spurs fan.

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