New Newcastle Away Kit 2012-2013- Red Newcastle Strip 12-13 Puma

This is Newcastle United’s new away kit 2012/13, the away top for NUFC for the forthcoming 2012-13 season. This away Newcastle strip 2012-2013, made by Puma, will be worn by the likes of Papiss Demba Cisse ( who scored one the goals of the season against Chelsea on Wednesday), Demba Ba and Yohan Cabaye in the 2012/13 season.

This cherry red/maroon Newcastle top 12-13 will replace Newcastle’s current orange away kit. Virgin Money are the principal sponsors of NUFC’s new away kit 2012/13, as per their deal signed earlier this year.

The strip was not officially released by NUFC but has appeared on their club shop online. It will be officially unveiled on 10 May, 2012. NUFC keeper Tim Krul, for the record, will be wearing a green goalkeeper top as his change uniform.

Red Newcastle Top 2012 2013

Newcastle Away Kit 12-13

NUFC Away Shorts 2012

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32 thoughts on “New Newcastle Away Kit 2012-2013- Red Newcastle Strip 12-13 Puma

  1. tom

    massive newcastle fan and dont know what your on about reece you dope there is nothing wrong with puma and kit is not red its burgandy 😀

  2. Bob

    ok………………..not the best newcastle strip ever……………….. 5/10 maybe?

  3. Mr French

    I liked it better when Adidas made Newcastle kits… I’m rather partial to those 3 stripes… Very uniform… Adidas is football and was created for football…

  4. Jack Imray

    Really big Newcastle fan and I have to say that it is a really nice strip. Sure the goalkeeper kit is not the flashest but I really like pumas design and how simple the kit looks. I am happy with all the kits that puma have made with the 2011/2012 home kit my favorite so far. I am looking forward to hopefully a better season than last but it will be tough to beat. HOWAY THE LADS!

  5. ronniek100

    Is there any news on a release date for the home kit? Or are we just keeping the same one as last season?

  6. gooner boy1981

    Frenchy is a real adidas gobbler, go on, swallow that big 3stripe German sausage down, ‘Chelsea Man’.

  7. Alex

    @Mr French
    Adidas was not created for football you plonker. The man founded Adidas for running and they ended up doing football like all the other companies. Umbro was all football years ago.

  8. NUFC688

    Shut the f**k up Mr French! You think Chelsa are so great, my beloved team finished ABOVE your “wonderful” team you daft twat! You got f**ked by Cisse’s fantastic screamer, b***h. Oh and the season before our kids beat yours in the Carling Cup, and we have a bigger stadium, and more loyal fans who are as passionate as any out there, so s**k on this you pile of w**k. Newcastle till the day I die!!!

  9. Heskey

    F**k off you Tosser! Who won the champions league? Who won the F.A Cup? Chelsea, that’s who. You are not in Europe next year. We are. So f** k you. Actually, no one ever will.

  10. U MAD BRO?

    Heskey you daft p***k we are in Europe dips**t were in the europa league you a**hole

  11. tomd24

    haha heskey by name, heskey by nature, he cant hit the target and you cant hit the nail on the head.

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