Leaked Chelsea Kit 2012/2013- New Chelsea Home Jersey 12-13

See Chelsea’s 2012/13 Away Kit- Released June 7, 2012

Click here for official pictures of the 2012/2013 Chelsea Home Kit

After the leaked Man Utd kits 12/13 and leaked Arsenal home and away jerseys for 2012-2013, here is another leak for a major Premier League side. This time, it is for London outfit Chelsea, who have their strips made by Adidas.

This photo of the new Chelsea 12-13 home kit has gone viral on the internet. Whether this leaked photo of the strip will actually turn out to be the real deal, is something we will find out in a few months when Chelsea officially reveal their new top.

Edit- another supposed leaked kit photo added, one with golden lines for the sponsor.

Edit – Chelsea’s new 12/13 kits will be officially revealed on April 12, 2012- announced on April 10, 2012

Leaked New Chelsea Kit 2012-2013

Leaked Gold Chelsea Top

20 thoughts on “Leaked Chelsea Kit 2012/2013- New Chelsea Home Jersey 12-13

  1. tongie

    It seems my fellow Chelsea fans are quiet on this…lol. Does that show satisfaction or displeasure. Myself Im liking it…other club fans are hating theirs….hahahahahaha!!

  2. Alby

    I like it, I just think that the arm cuffs are a bit too thick with white, if they were a bit thinner then it’d ber quality but I like it

  3. adam

    would be happy if this was the real thing but the red didnt bring us much look last year but we will have to see 🙂

  4. Den

    I like the effect around the badge, but think it would look better without the lines on the rest on the shirt

  5. Alano

    Looks cool. Red-line details will be the impressing point of the blue shirt.
    The lines on the shirt is some kind of ADIDAS style

  6. Jesse

    I hate that Samsung sponsors these kits; their company logo is so boring that it often gives the kit (whatever its design) a really cheap overall aesthetic. As for the actual kit design, I quite like it. The subtle rings around the Chelsea badge are a good touch, and this is coming from a United fan.

  7. generationX

    i like chelseas this years kits home and away and third are all nice,but ucl ones with those corny numbers are ugly.as for this one 12/13 its very old school and ugly just plain simple as an arsenal fan im not too happy with the one nike has for us its ugly too.

  8. Brad

    New kits always take time for me to adjust to. Simply bc the ‘old’ kit grows on me. I love the 11/12 Chelsea home kit, but absolutely despise their 11/12 away and 3rd kits(both are awful) I actually kind of like this home kit. Maybe a few minor changes.

  9. AKKU

    all time favourite……….
    sexy kit this year THNX adidas

  10. boots

    so, the new chelsea kit is revealed officially. Its the blue and gold one.
    Quite a nice kit. Simple. I much prefer the simple ones.
    Im hoping the away kit will be simple to. Black with Gold or even Black with Blue!
    The noisy kit (blue, white and red) thats also in this article is horrible. cheap looking tat.

  11. Dub

    I’d love them to… i hope the away kit will be in the same style … then it will be perfect!

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