New Watford FC Shirt 2018-2019

New Watford FC Kit 2018-2019 | Stripes on new Adidas home shirt for Hornets

This is the new Watford kit 2018/19, Watford FC’s new home strip for the upcoming Premier League season. Made byt Adidas, the new WFC home shirt was officially unveiled on June 11, 2018. The club finished 14th in the Premier League in 2017/18 and chose to reveal the new kit on the same day that they announced the signing of Gerard Deulofeu from Barcelona.

Interestingly enough, Adidas have opted to give the Hornets a yellow and black striped design this season. Stripes are not what one would ordinary associate with Watford- more for clubs like Vitesse and Dresden perhaps, and there is no red trim either. The back is entirely yellow, with a small Hornet on the top.

Predominantly black shorts and socks complete the look of the new Watford strip. FXPro remain principal shirt sponsors.

New Watford FC Shirt 2018-2019

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7 thoughts on “New Watford FC Kit 2018-2019 | Stripes on new Adidas home shirt for Hornets

  1. Geoff

    It’s a very good looking kit but it’s just… let’s say, brave of Adidas to come up with such a radical departure.

  2. Mikey D

    Good choice on design but could of had been a red stripe in the middle and sleeves just to break up the black and would of made it true homage to the logo

  3. Mikey D

    Not bad but would of had a darker gold/bronze:arsenal 15-16 away kit,
    a red stripe (middle) and on sleeves then whole sponsor coloured Silver may of worked but good job adidas

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