New SUFC Kit 17 18

New Sheffield United Kit 2017-18 | Adidas SUFC Home Shirt with Teletext Sponsorship

This is the new Sheffield United home kit 2017/18, newly promoted SUFC’s new home strip for the upcoming Championship season. The Blades comfortably won League One in 2016/17, scoring 100 points (and 92 goals) from 46 games to secure the title and automatic promotion to the Championship. Made by Adidas, the new SUFC shirt was officially unveiled on June 12, 2017 by the club.

United had OTA Alpharooms on the front of their jerseys last season, and with the acquisition of the latter in 2016 by Truly Holdings, sister company Teletext Holidays now takes over as principal shirt sponsors.

The new shirt will officially go on sale later this week.

New SUFC Kit 17 18

SUFC Home Shirt 2017 18

7 thoughts on “New Sheffield United Kit 2017-18 | Adidas SUFC Home Shirt with Teletext Sponsorship

  1. Impartial Matt

    I cannot make my mind up on this one. As a modern kit it has it’s merits but I think a bit too much black on the shirt.
    Decent effort.

  2. Szin

    Liking the 70s-style stripes to go with our 70s-style sponsor 😀

    Think I would have preferred red Adidas stripes though.

  3. Paulie

    I like this. Good job out of Adidas. It could have been identical to the Sunderland kit, or vice versa, but they made the two completely different.

  4. Dstl

    Teletext (the service) shut down in 2010, which was the last time Sheffield United were in the Championship.

    Is this a “pretend the last 7 years never happened” deal?

  5. dav

    Too much black for me, especially those black sleeves which are just strange.

    But still nicer than Sunderland’s new shirt!

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