Hannover Shirt 2015 16

New Hannover Home Kit 15-16 H96 Jersey 2015-2016 by Jako

This is the new Hannover kit 2015/16, German club Hannover 96’s new home strip for the upcoming Bundesliga season. Made by Jako, the new kit was officially revealed on June 25, 2015.

Hannover finished just two points above Hamburg, who were dragged into a relegation playoff.

Jako don’t manufacture kits for too many teams these days, and so the design they’ve used for this new Hannover uniform is not one you’d probably see too many copies of.

The colour scheme for this home is inspired by the coat of arms of Lower Saxony, the German state where Hannover is situated. Saxony’s coat of arms features a white horse on a red background, and the designers at Jako have implemented a predominantly red shirt with some white elements. To enhance the “redness” of the kit, the shorts and socks will bear the same colour as the shirt.

The folks at Jako, including David Blanch, have implemented a monogram design on the shirt that takes cues from the 96 in the Hannover logo. As mentioned above, it’s a design unique to the club, something that Jako placed great emphasis on.

The tagline for this Hannover kit release is “im herzen weit vorne”, which loosely translated means “in the heart, far forward”

Hannover Shirt 2015 16

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4 thoughts on “New Hannover Home Kit 15-16 H96 Jersey 2015-2016 by Jako

  1. Albert

    Nice kit only criticisms are the white bits should be black and the shorts should be black to.

  2. Merry Christmas

    Interesting pattern on the home kit, goes against the current trend for unpatterned material on football shirts.

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