Boavista Away Kit 15 16

New Boavista Jersey 2015-2016 Errea Boavista Kits 15-16

These are the new Boavista FC kits 2015/16, Portuguese club Boavista FC’s new home and away shirts for the upcoming Portuguese Primeira Liga season. The uniforms have been made by Errea and were officially unveiled on June 5, 2015.

The home kit is the checkered one in the pics below (Boavista are nicknamed Os Axadrezados), but it is the golden away shirt, also boasting a checkered design, that’s taken us by surprise. Some of the players, looking by the picture, don’t look too happy modelling it either. The golden shirt can be worn with either black or white shorts.

The goalie one is the green kit in the pics below.

Boavista finished a lowly 13th in the 18 team Portuguese Primiera Liga in 2014/15, finishing with exactly 34 points from their 34 league outings, 14 points off a European spot.

Boavista Away Kit 15 16

New Boavista Jersey 2015 16

9 thoughts on “New Boavista Jersey 2015-2016 Errea Boavista Kits 15-16

  1. Sean

    Can’t believe the guy on the extreme right. He’s wearing the same depressed expression on both pics! Home’s ok, but the away’s terrible.

  2. peter

    dont blame him for the depressed expression…. i think most people would be the same while wearing that kit

  3. RaithRover

    Boavista unfortinately have this checkered tradition on their kits so for traditions sake you can see why they have it on their kits. Boavista should try and break this tradition of checkered shirts, maybe look into the archives and pick a fresh design from the past because lets face it, the checkered look is horrible!

  4. Merry Christmas

    The black and white pattern is terrible, the gold is dull and the luminous yellow isn’t original.
    And why are the sleeves on the gold black and white as well? Or why have white shorts if this is meant to be an away kit? Why have the same shorts on the luminous yellow?

    Complete failure.

  5. dd

    can everyone calm down, you do realize that this is football and not a fashion show, if you’re hurt too much from looking at this go watch another sport. the boavista shirt is unique and very nice, its tradition and you should respect that.

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