Leaked PSG Home Jersey 2015-2016

A pic has been doing the rounds of social media, claiming to be the new PSG home shirt for the 2015/16 season.

As always, whether or not, it will be the real deal will be known when the French champions officially unveil their new kit.

Leaked PSG Jersey

9 thoughts on “Leaked PSG Home Jersey 2015-2016

  1. Russel1311

    It must be a real challenge to have to slightly tweak club shirts every single year without fail, it just produces a conveyor belt of rubbish, each shirt more the same as the last. But they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t sell. The people who buy these shirts new really are idiots.

  2. Albert

    I think this is a fake kit I can not beleve this is the real deal why the black sleves makes no sence to me why this would be the case.

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